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  • Martin F. Kelly - So far so good but.....

    Just received 1 week ago and set up. I will not waste your time and go over the same things that everyone else has addressed except to say that it is as heavy and as rock solid as you may have read. Design is okay but the set up, specifically feeding the wires thru the arms, could use some improvement. Was a tight fit and very easy to nick the wires when putting in the screws for the covers especially in the right hand arm. BE CAREFUL!

  • John Woods - My kids love it

    Bought this for Christmas 2013. My kids have played it every day so far and love it. The only thing keeping me from giving it a full 5 stars are the lack of more current songs (songs within the last few years). Will definitely purchase the next version.

  • Justin - Give it a try you might like it

    Pretty good working stuff right here. I was very skeptical on trying this just cause of all the other bad reviews but my experience is weird dreams, focus getting to its peak, & a stronger mind. I use this for my muay thai fighting & it helps a lot staying positive & avoiding any negativity. Just give it a try.

  • Islandflea - First, I am NOT one of the paid endorsers ...

    First, I am NOT one of the paid endorsers. I have used PCmatic with SuperShield for years on home and business pc's with very few issues. Once in a while it will miss something but since I use multiple programs working in unison AND maintain a consistent backup habit, has been resolvable every time. Bear in mind that NO program is invincible standalone. Considering buying Evergreen. Thanks PCmatic!