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  • benthorncow - This stuff is great!

    I've been taking Turmeric with Bioprene for about 4-1/2 months now. This product helps with my inflammation and fluid retention. I feel so much better since I started taking it on the recommendation of my neurologist. She takes it herself. I would definitely recommend it. I already have and my brother takes it now.

  • Joyce Mayden - While Victoria encountered many different challenges in this story, ...

    While Victoria encountered many different challenges in this story, she came out victorious in the end by sticking up for herself and by not giving in to discouragement.

  • Johnny - Almost perfect

    I have tried most thermogenics on the market and consider myself pretty versed in their temperaments. My friends call me a caffeine junkie just because I have a high tolerance for anything to affect me. This has been the only product I have repeatedly bought. It last without peaking or dropping off. The only negative affect I found was this feeling I've heard described in a sci-fi movie of astronauts on Mars: very cold, "chills" feeling in the outside but warm and toasty on the inside. Fun affect. Does a great job in removing the guilt of last night's taco bell binge.