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Personal & business banking specialists | BOQ Specialist - From personal finance to business finance, BOQ Specialist provides distinctive banking and financing solutions to niche market segments. Find out more today.

  • https://www.boqspecialist.com.au/contact Contact us - for all your finance needs | BOQ Specialist - Contact BOQ Specialist to find out about our banking and financing solutions for niche professional markets. Speak to our team of specialists today.
  • https://www.boqspecialist.com.au/about About us - company overview | BOQ Specialist - BOQ Specialist is a leading provider of financial services to medical, dental, accounting, financial advisers and other high-net worth professionals.
  • https://www.boqspecialist.com.au/specialties Professional financial services & solutions | BOQ Specialist - BOQ Specialist has over 20 years experience providing a truly personal and dedicated service to professional niche markets for both business and personal finance.
  • https://www.boqspecialist.com.au/specialties/medical Medical Finance - Banking for doctors and medical specialists | BOQ Specialist - BOQ Specialist has over 25 years’ experience providing bespoke banking and finance services to dental professionals for both business and personal finance.
  • https://www.boqspecialist.com.au/specialties/students Students & grads - Finance for medical, dental and veterinary students and graduates | BOQ Specialist - BOQ Specialist is the market leader within the Australian medical, dental and veterinary finance space. Our long history of working with students and graduates means we have a deep knowledge of the unique challenges they face. We are committed to supporting the next generation of doctors while they concentrate on building their skills.
  • https://www.boqspecialist.com.au/specialties/accountants Accountants & accounting finance | BOQ Specialist - Our commitment to medical professionals means BOQ Specialist can provide solutions for accountants who support doctors, dentists and vets. We offer a suite of innovative products that are specifically tailored to both your accounting practice and to your personal life as a practicing accountant.
  • https://www.boqspecialist.com.au/specialties/personal-finance Personal finance, savings and loans | BOQ Specialist - BOQ Specalist offer accountants personal finance solutions for all their personal needs including home loans, credit cards, car finance and more.
  • https://www.boqspecialist.com.au/specialties/practice-finance Practice Finance - Medical & Dental Loans | BOQ Specialist - BOQ Specialist are dedicated to providing business finance assistance for our clients. We can provide financial business solutions for your practice or firm.
  • https://www.boqspecialist.com.au/specialties/everyday-banking Everyday banking & personal banking | BOQ Specialist - BOQ Specialist deliver everyday personal banking solutions. Online banking, transaction accounts, competitive interest rates and more. Contact us today.
  • https://www.boqspecialist.com.au/specialties/property-finance Property finance | BOQ Specialist - Are you looking to buy a commercial or investment property? BOQ Specialist has a range of property finance solutions that could help achieve your vision.
  • https://www.boqspecialist.com.au/products Banking - Financial solutions & products | BOQ Specialist - BOQ Specialist has over 20 years experience providing professionals with both banking and finance solutions and products. Contact BOQ Specialist today.
  • https://www.boqspecialist.com.au/products/savings-accounts Transactional and savings - compare & apply | BOQ Specialist - BOQ Specialist offer our clients a range of transactional, savings and deposit account options to access your funds and help manage your personal, business and retirement savings. Compare bank accounts and apply today.
  • https://www.boqspecialist.com.au/products/savings-accounts/transaction-accounts Transactional accounts - With a BOQ Specialist transaction account you won’t pay any establishment or monthly account keeping fees. You can easily manage your money on the go with online banking or our mobile banking app, and our Client Service Centre is available to help 24/7. What’s more, you will enjoy 10 free ATM withdrawals and any major bank ATM across Australia and global card acceptance with the Visa network.
  • https://www.boqspecialist.com.au/products/savings-accounts/savings Savings accounts - bank account | BOQ Specialist - BOQ Specialist's savings accounts are two of the many bank accounts we offer our clients. Compare our bank accounts and apply today.
  • https://www.boqspecialist.com.au/products/savings-accounts/term-deposits Term deposits | BOQ Specialist - BOQ Specialist offer our clients term deposits with the best term deposit rates in the financial services market. Find out more and apply today.
  • https://www.boqspecialist.com.au/products/home-loans Home loans - Doctors, Medical & Accountants | BOQ Specialist - BOQ Specialist offer our clients a range of home loan options for financing a new home, re-financing, renovating or acquiring an investment property.
  • https://www.boqspecialist.com.au/offers/banking-package Banking Package offer | BOQ Specialist - The BOQ Specialist banking package combines a home loan with a credit card and an everyday bank savings account. Banking designed to keep life simple.
  • https://www.boqspecialist.com.au/products/commercial-property-loans Commerical Property & Investment Loans | BOQ Specialist - BOQ Specialist has highly competitive commercial property loans in place to ensure that our professional clients can buy or invest in a practice or firm.
  • https://www.boqspecialist.com.au/products/credit-cards Credit cards - compare & apply | BOQ Specialist - Are you in need of a credit card? We can offer you the best credit card deals. Compare credit cards and find a credit card that suits you today.
  • https://www.boqspecialist.com.au/products/credit-cards/qantas Credit cards with Qantas Points | BOQ Specialist - The BOQ Specialist credit card enables Qantas Frequent Flyer members to earn points and rewards. Start earning Qantas points with our credit card today.
  • https://www.boqspecialist.com.au/products/credit-cards/velocity Credit cards with Velocity Points | BOQ Specialist - The BOQ Specialist credit card enables Velocity Frequent Flyer members to earn points and rewards. Start earning Velocity points with our credit card today.
  • https://www.boqspecialist.com.au/offers Latest bank offers and promotions | BOQ Specialist - View the latest offers and promotions on our products and services including home loans, bank accounts, credit cards and more. Contact BOQ Specialist today.
  • https://www.boqspecialist.com.au/specialties/asset-finance Asset finance solutions | BOQ Specialist - BOQ Specialist help our clients with their business and asset finance options for equipment finance, office fit outs, IT infrastructure, car financing and more.
  • https://www.boqspecialist.com.au/products/equipment-finance Accounting & Medical Equipment finance | BOQ Specialist - BOQ Specialist has a range of business equipment finance solutions. Whether you lease, hire or buy equipment for your business, BOQ Specialist can help you.
  • https://www.boqspecialist.com.au/products/practice-fitout Medical, dental & accountant fitout finance - BOQ Specialist - Successful businesses need the right office fitout and IT infrastructure. BOQ Specialist offers our clients the best in office fitout finance solutions.

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