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Santé et bien-être au naturel pour une vie plus saine - Produits de santé naturels et conseils pour rester en bonne santé simplement et naturellement. Une nouvelle approche du bien-être au naturel grâce à la médecine énergétique

  • http://www.bon-coin-sante.com/blog-sante-sans-prise-de-tete/sante/sante-et-internet/ Santé et Internet, sites de santé...Attention danger ! - Beaucoup d'infos santé en ligne sur Internet sont aujourd'hui disponibles. Croyez-vous vraiment avoir les bonnes infos et conseils ?
  • http://www.bon-coin-sante.com/inscription.asp : Inscription - Tous les conseils et solutions pour rester en bonne santé naturellement avec le bon coin santé. Une nouvelle approche du bien-être au quotidien grâce aux médecines douces...

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  • Notorious D.D.D. - Good prevention.

    I can't give this product 5 stars because I'm using it as a prevention against Alzheimer's. The only way I could really KNOW it works is if I had Alzheimer's and this product stopped it. I could take this product every day, live to be 100 years old and never develop Alzheimer's, but even then I wouldn't know for sure if the product prevented it, or was I never really at risk at all! But, the research sounds good and I'm willing to risk 40 cents a day hoping the research is correct!

  • Chris L. - Mosquitoes Be Gone!

    This was recommended to me by a University entomologist and mosquito researcher. We live in a fairly rural area and had major issues with mosquitoes in the summer to the point that we would rarely spend any time in our yard. Spraying this on our yard perimeter bushes and trees once at the end of spring/beginning of summer usually took care of the mosquitoes for the entire season (we had a couple years where we needed to spray twice over spring/summer). We have been using it annually for 4 years with no issues. It is very easy to mix and is extremely effective on most insects. Highly recommend!