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About ozone - Body Revival Institute, The Ozone Therapy Specialists. We specialise in OZONE THERAPY, Wellness and promoting good health. Located in Rivonia.

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  • JMU 1998 - Fast, stable, excellent coverage, solid build and very easy setup!

    Reliable and fast WiFi with excellent coverage, very easy to setup, took less than 10 minutes that included unboxing. Finally have stable connection in deadzones. This system provides excellent coverage exceeded my expectations. Solid build quality and looks sharp. This is a very powerful machine so there is hope with subsequent firmware releases it gets better, like more robust Qos configuration, advanced and unique features, and sustainable solid performance.

  • Kevin S. - This Shampoo makes my sad head of hair look good day-in and day-out

    I've tried about every shampoo product I can think of. From the mega-pricey ones they push on you at the salon to the bottom shelf at the grocery store. My head has been spared nothing, but for some reason never had this stuff. It's the jam. Just a little bit and whammo! My fine head of 'always a bad hair day' strands look freakin' good. Nice even. Shiny and alive. It's like magic and smells good.

  • Jeffrey A. Johnson - Power my spaceship this wouldn't!

    Homesick for planet Dagobah I am. Fuel for my spaceship I need. Bought this product last year I did. (To raise the funds, many years of signing autographs at Geek conferences it took me.) Hundreds of containers I purchased. Melted them I did, fuel rods to make. But, sadly, power my ship they would not. Too low-grade. So for the foreseeable future, stuck here on Earth I remain.

  • Vapor - Nice Capture of the Series and Background Leading Up to It.

    I really enjoy this. The presentation is great. I agree with what one review wrote as far as the narration, "...Jon Hamm did a good job, I would much rather that Billy Bob Thornton (who narrated the 2006 Official World Series Film) had been the narrator."

  • Brendan Hooke - Simple and objective

    Kelly breaks things down so even a novice can understand. After breaking it down he builds up to more advanced theories. He doesn't assume a base line of knowledge and doesn't make you feel like an idiot for not knowing basic terms. This book stood out to me against the rest because he doesn't have a particular brand or magazine he is selling. He covers many different theories, investors, tools, and publications. He explains the benefits and downfalls of each and lets the reader decide. I am 70% through and have really enjoyed this book. Thank you Jason Kelly.

  • Dan Ransom - Bat has alot of pop!

    Bought this bat for my 15 year old son who plays both travel and rec ball. He hasn't hit any home runs with it yet, but he is launching some pretty deep shots with it. It has a great sound to it when it makes contact in the sweet spot.

  • lori albright - Very good

    I have tried some of the cheap 10 or 15 dollar cleanses and they don’t compare to ultracleanse. Excellent detox product