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  • Scarlett Trombetta - High quality low price

    In my opinion this is the best baitcaster made. I have several other brands, and this reel out performs them all. It is smooth, very well made and performs flawlessly. All for a great price.

  • kylie stewart - this product is AMAZING..

    I honestly don't know where to start, this product is AMAZING... I have been taking it for 2 full weeks now and wanted to give it time to give an honest review. Guys, if you suffer from brain fog, and feel slightly slower than you'd like to or you're used to... this product right here will change that. I am able to be quick on my feet with thoughts, typing writing articles in my blog. Literally the first day of taking it I was on fire. It was one of those things where I thought brain fog and slower reaction time was just a product of getting older... because I am always challenging my brain, but holy sheeeittt yall this stuff is magnificent and just boosts what you already have... it wakes you right up and I can go all day. The other really cool this is, for me... I have trouble turning my brain off at night to be able to sleep, because I am always thinking and suffer from small bouts of insomnia... well not since having this baby... it comes with an AM and PM I cant live with out this product. It is top quality and actually performs the way is marketed to us. This is an incredible product and I highly recommend it for anyone in the market for something to help boost your brain power! One of my many favorites from this company!

  • Francisco Rashid - Great product.

    Have four batteries hook-upped constantly. I have revived two sulfated batteries. My employees always manage to drain the batteries because they leave the hazard lights on deliveries constant start and stops. I now rotate the batteries every two weeks problem solved,

  • Jade Bodhi - This is our 2d Trip Stroller

    Our first one got ran over by a Tuk Tuk in Cambodia... at least we got a good story out of it. I did a little more research on strollers and came back this one. it's the lightest weight stroller that has a full recline. Huge requirements for us. Especially since we're on our 2d baby we feel like we know what we're doing now. We live in Bangkok and need to drag our stroller up an down curbs carry up steep stairs to the Puplic transport and this covers all the bases. Full recline is a must. You can change diapers in it on the go and kids can get a good nap init as well. I think are 1st one was a 2010 model and the suspension seems to much improved. Also the when we fold it up the older version/locking piece could have been improved. Which would have been the only improvements we could have asked for. Nice smooth ride w/o all the bulk. Great canopy coverage from the Bangkok Sun. Nice peek a boo option so you can check on the kids while your walking around, but not a neccessity. Reasonable priced.

  • phlrkl - ... preferable to those magnetic stick--on boxes which can be easily dislodged, or worse

    much preferable to those magnetic stick--on boxes which can be easily dislodged, or worse, found by someone else who then has access to your vehicle. this is secured to your vehicle and is locked in place; great to prevent accidental lock-outs

  • Amy G - Got a good score first time around with this book

    Well, studying this book and using its online components truly prepared me for the GRE. I completed 3 (out of 6) of their online practice tests that came with the book. The first test gave me a good idea of where I was and on the second test I actually did worse, but the third attempt gave me my best practice score. They also have a neat option where, if you don't want to take a whole 4 hour practice test, you can just do 20-30 practice questions on verbal/quantitative. It's not really timed but it tells you when you begin that you have 30/35 minutes to do the section. It looks like verbal/quantitative sections that are on the actual test without going through the WHOLE test. Once you're done, it'll give you a score. Then you can choose to retake that same section or go on to another practice section. The practice problems in the book were also good and the explanations were easy to understand. It recommends that you start studying 3 months before taking the GRE Unfortunately, I could only allot 1 month of time to study for the GRE, but the score on the verbal & quantitative sections were actually better than what the graduate programs that I'm applying to required. The only negative feedback that I have for this book is that I wish that they had a way of scoring your practice essays. They give you practice essays to do in the book, but you don't receive any feedback on it. I wish I had gotten a better score on the Analytical section and I think I would have made a better score if they had a way of grading your practice essays. I found it to be a great study book except for the essay portion simply because there is no grading for the practice essays.

  • AmazonOrders - Great keyboard!

    Love this keyboard! I don't condone murder but this keyboard could do just that if you smacked someone in the face with it and you'd probably get an audible click as it connected. Also it will destroy anything you throw it at while you're raging.