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Billings Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center, Wisdom Teeth. - Wisdom Teeth Removal, Dental Implants and Oral Surgery in Billings MT, Cody WY, and Sheridan WY. Restoring your oral health and function is our top prior...

  • https://www.billingsoralsurgery.com/directions/ Directions to Billings Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center - Click here for a map and directions to our convenient office locations in Billings, MT and in Cody, WY.
  • https://www.billingsoralsurgery.com/procedure/wisdom-teeth-removal-billings-mt/ Wisdom Teeth Removal in Billings, MT and Cody, WY - If you are looking to have your wisdom teeth removed, the surgeons at Billings Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center, MT are highly qualified for treatment.
  • https://www.billingsoralsurgery.com/procedure/dental-implants-billings-mt-2/ Dental Implants in Billings, MT and Cody, WY - If you have missing teeth, dental implants in Billings MT are a permanent solution that will restore both function and aesthetics to your mouth and face.
  • https://www.billingsoralsurgery.com/our-oral-surgery-practice-billings-mt/ Our Oral Surgery Practice in Billings, MT and Cody, WY - Billings Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center is committed to providing compassionate and individualized care to every patient that enters our offices.
  • https://www.billingsoralsurgery.com/john-bennion-dds-md-billings-mt/ Dr. John Bennion, DDS, MD at Billings Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center - Dr. John Bennion, DDS, MD established Billings Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center to maintain the highest standards of excellence in patient care.
  • https://www.billingsoralsurgery.com/andrew-boyce-dds-ms-billings-mt/ Dr. Andrew Boyce, DDS, MS at Billings Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center - Dr. Andrew Boyce, DDS, MS possesses excellent training and an enthusiasm for oral surgery that will serve our patients and community for many years to come!
  • https://www.billingsoralsurgery.com/kyle-tracy-dmd-billings-mt%ef%bb%bf/ Dr. Kyle Tracy, DMD at Billings Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center - Dr. Kyle Tracy, DMD has a great love for patient care and surgery and strives to always deliver a high quality of care.
  • https://www.billingsoralsurgery.com/contact-us-billings-mt-office-main/ Contact Us at Our Main Billings, MT, Office - Billings Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center has a convenient office location in Billings, MT - contact us today!
  • https://www.billingsoralsurgery.com/contact-us-billings-mt-office-satellite/ Contact Us at Our Satellite Office in Billings, MT - Billings Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center has a satellite office for your convenience - contact us today!
  • https://www.billingsoralsurgery.com/contact-us-cody-wy/ Contact Us in Cody, Wyoming - Billings Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center has a convenient office location in Cody, Wyoming. Click here for our contact information!
  • https://www.billingsoralsurgery.com/referral-form/ Referral Form for Billings Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center - Referring dental practicioners can use this online form to refer their patients to Billings Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center.
  • https://www.billingsoralsurgery.com/request-appointment Request an Appointment at Billings Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center - Request an appointment with Billings Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center. We look forward to meeting you at our offices in either Billings, MT or Cody, WY
  • https://www.billingsoralsurgery.com/patient-registration/ Patient Registration in Billings, MT and Cody, WY - Fill out this form to register as a patient at Billings Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center and make your visit to our office run as smoothly as possible.
  • https://www.billingsoralsurgery.com/testimonial/teeth-extractions-sheldon-billings-mt/ Sheldon Underwent Extractions At Our Office - Sheldon's dentist wasn't able to complete his extractions so he referred Sheldon to our office immediately. Hear about his positive experience.
  • https://www.billingsoralsurgery.com/procedure/all-on-4-treatment-concept-billings-mt/ All-on-4® Treatment Concept in Billings, MT and Cody, WY - We are proud to offer the All-on-4® Treatment Concept - an innovative solution designed to restore a patient's smile with a set beautiful, new teeth.
  • https://www.billingsoralsurgery.com/procedure/general-tooth-extraction-billings-mt/ General Tooth Extraction in Billings, MT and Cody, WY - When your tooth has sustained damage too severe for a dentist to repair with a filling or crown, you will require a general tooth extraction. Learn more here.
  • https://www.billingsoralsurgery.com/testimonial/jody-dental-implants-billings-mt/ Jody Had a Dental Implant Placed - Video Review: Jody shares her story after getting a dental implant placed at Billings Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center. Listen to her experience!
  • https://www.billingsoralsurgery.com/testimonial/addie-wisdom-teeth-billings-mt/ Addie’s Wisdom Teeth Were Removed - Video Review: Addie shares her positive experience after getting wisdom teeth removed at Billings Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center. Hear her story!
  • https://www.billingsoralsurgery.com/testimonial/virginia-all-on-4-treatment-concept-billings-mt/ The All-on-4 Treatment Concept Replaced Virginia’s Teeth - Video Review:Virginia shares how happy she is after getting a new smile with the All-on-4 Treatment Concept at Billings Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center.
  • https://www.billingsoralsurgery.com/testimonial/tailoranne-general-extraction-billings-mt/ Tailoranne’s Tooth Was Extracted by Dr. Burns - Video Review: Tailoranne discusses her tooth extraction and why she was so comfortable coming to Billings Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center.

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  • Edie - A Number of Good Stories, But Not the Best Year

    I'm usually a huge fan of short stories, but I had a difficult time reading more of these than expected. As others have mentioned, the choice of short stories is up to the editor, and this year it just wasn't up to what I've read previous years. That's not to say everyone will dislike the stories as many of them are good, but this time it just wasn't my favorite.

  • Chrys - The Stuff is the REAL DEAL!!

    In our old 40yr old house, We had a bad roach infestation and nothing seemed to get rid of them long term. Raid roach and ant spray worked great on contact (they would literally die 2 seconds after spraying them). My mom went to Walmart and picked up some this Combat Source Roach gel (we call it roach peanut butter...dont ask) and I kid you not...after about a week we literally saw no more roaches!

  • Mark Bretschneider - We now have room to walk in our walk-in closet

    I was losing ground in my war of the closets. My wife's sweaters had taken over, it seems like they are multiplying like rabbits. First one shelf then another shelf and a third till there was no more room for my ties with shoelaces. That's all the room that was left over for me. I had to do something as not only was this a space issue, it was a war of the dominant sexes, and I had to win so I resorted to technical weaponry. I went online and found these vacuum space saver bags and ordered them. They came quite promptly as I am an Amazon prime member. Well, a peace treaty was signed, with stipulations that would employ the space-saving bags to store her sweaters. It was so easy, you placed the sweaters in the bag, use the vacuum pump that's included to suck all the air out and reduce the size of the pile of sweaters, and then place them on the shelf. Well, we cleared about a third of the closet which is all I needed. The bags work well, and are easy-to-use and are cost competitive with other brands. I like the fact that you get 15 bags and the pump. It just seems like ordering one or two bags is a waste as you don't accomplish much. The bags are thick and seal well and should last quite a while. I think we will also use a couple of them to reduce space in our suit cases when we travel. I like them and will give them a four-star rating and recommendation for you to get some if your closet is becoming a nightmare.

  • Shon R. Edwards - Horrible software!

    I have always had problems with Roxio products. With version 12 Pro, I had problems with it shutting down at 99% being finished, the VideoWave program or whatever it's called shutting down about 50% of the time on a project. When I would do it the second time or third it would finally work. At least it would backup 50 GB of info on a 50 GB Blu-ray blank. Now I tried it with NXT and it backed up 1.5 GB only and told me it was finished!!! I'm through with this product, but don't know where else to go because CyberLink Power2Go also has problems with backing up this data. They're both good for something but not good on the other hand. I don't know where to go now. Maybe back to 12 Pro; at least it backed up most of my 50 GB of data onto a Blu-ray.