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Big Thought | Dallas, Texas - We bring relentless optimism, innovation and imagination to the biggest challenge in education: the opportunity gap.

  • http://www.bigthought.org/why-big-thought/ Why Big Thought | Dallas, TX - We bring relentless optimism, innovation and imagination to the biggest challenge facing education today: the opportunity gap.
  • http://www.bigthought.org/impact/ The Big Thought Impact | Dallas, TX - Big Thought’s innovative approach to tackling the opportunity gap is working in Dallas and inspiring similar initiatives across the U.S. View the results.
  • http://www.bigthought.org/our-programs/creative-solutions/ Creative Solutions | Big Thought | Dallas, TX - Creative Solutions is a partnership with the Dallas County Juvenile Department & Southern Methodist University comprising several platforms through the year
  • http://www.bigthought.org/our-programs/dallas-city-of-learning/ Dallas City of Learning | Big Thought | Dallas, TX - Many children do not have access to after-school programs or summer learning, widening the opportunity gap as hours of learning loss accumulate from K - 12.
  • http://www.bigthought.org/our-programs/daverse-lounge/ DaVerse Lounge | Big Thought | Dallas, TX - We use imagination to help middle and high school students master the art of spoken word and give them a forum to be heard. Read about DaVerse Lounge.
  • http://www.bigthought.org/our-programs/learning-partners/ Learning Partners | Big Thought | Dallas, TX - Formerly Arts Partners, Learning Partners provides educators with access to imaginative programs and field trips aligned to state education standards.
  • http://www.bigthought.org/our-programs/library-live/ Library Live | Big Thought | Dallas, TX - We engage the imagination through stimulating cultural and literary experiences that are free of charge, in partnership with the Dallas Public Library.
  • http://www.bigthought.org/our-programs/thriving-minds/ Thriving Minds | Big Thought | Dallas, TX - Thriving Minds After-School and Summer Camp programs allow children to explore activities that support academic and personal growth outside of the classroom
  • http://www.bigthought.org/our-programs/consulting/ Big Thought Consulting & Curriculum Development | Dallas, TX - Explore examples of our curriculum as we focus on real-world educational opportunities and write curricula relevant to students' life experiences.
  • http://www.bigthought.org/our-programs/public-speakingpd/ Public Speaking & Professional Development | Big Thought | Dallas, TX - We promote learning across the globe by sharing our expertise with educators, policy makers and civic leaders, both in public and private institutions.
  • http://www.bigthought.org/news-resources/resources/press-kit/ Big Thought Press Kit | Dallas, TX - Find information about our awards, curriculum, press releases, fact sheets and more.
  • http://www.bigthought.org/get-involved/donate/ Be a BIG Giver | Donate to Big Thought | Dallas, TX - Your investment in Big Thought propels the work of teaching artists, partners, and other educators working to close the opportunity gap. Donate today.
  • http://www.bigthought.org/get-involved/volunteer/ Volunteer with Big Thought | Dallas, TX - Interested in being a volunteer? Complete an interest form here and read about our ongoing, quarterly and annual volunteer opportunities.
  • http://www.bigthought.org/get-involved/employment/ Join the Big Thought Team | Dallas, TX - Big Thought is always looking for new team members. We accept resumes year-round for full and part-time positions and internships. Submit your resume here.
  • http://www.bigthought.org/news-resources/contact/ Contact | Big Thought | Dallas, TX - We invite you to connect with us. Dive into our programs or ask a question about our services. We look forward to hearing from you.
  • http://www.bigthought.org/why-big-thought/meet-our-leadership/ Meet Our Leadership Team | Big Thought | Dallas, TX - Meet the Big Thought leadership team, a group of individuals closing the opportunity gap by bringing the right opportunities to the kids who need them most.
  • http://www.bigthought.org/why-big-thought/our-donors/ Big Thought Donors | Dallas, TX - Big Thought is grateful to the many individuals, foundations and corporations who make our work possible.
  • http://www.bigthought.org/why-big-thought/our-partners/ Big Thought Partners | Dallas, TX - Big Thought serves as a backbone agency to a network of programs and providers across Dallas. Partnerships are vital to the scalability of our programs.
  • http://www.bigthought.org/our-programs/ Big Thought Services & Programs | Dallas, TX - Big Thought's programs and services are designed to make imagination a part of everyday learning for under-resourced students.
  • http://www.bigthought.org/2016/10/26/rachel-dupard-found-her-voice-with-tbaal-big-thought/ Rachel Dupard Found Her Voice With TBAAL, Big Thought | Big Thought | Dallas, TX - College senior Rachel Dupard struggled through childhood hearing dysfunction to find her singing voice with help from loving parents, TBAAL and Big Thought.
  • http://www.bigthought.org/2016/10/18/dade-student-finds-her-future-inside-mobile-tech-xperience/ Dade Student Finds Her Future Inside Mobile Tech XPerience | Big Thought | Dallas, TX - For 8th grader Asija Woodson, stepping inside Dallas City of Learning's Mobile Tech XPerience was a career epiphany that sparked thoughts of college major.
  • http://www.bigthought.org/2016/10/17/big-thoughts-james-adams-becomes-principal-role-model-at-charles-rice/ Big Thought’s James Adams Becomes Principal Role Model at Charles Rice | Big Thought | Dallas, TX - Big Thought's James Adams becomes Principal for a Day at Charles Rice Learning Center, serving as role model for minority kids when they need him most.
  • http://www.bigthought.org/2016/10/12/daverse-one-line-wonders-stir-audience-emotions/ DaVerse One Line Wonders Stir Audience Emotions | Big Thought | Dallas, TX - DaVerse Lounge kicked off its 12th season October 7 with an audience of 358 and a series of potent spoken word performers thrilling us with emotive lines.
  • http://www.bigthought.org/2016/10/11/spoken-word-poetry-essential-for-sam-houston-students/ Spoken Word Poetry Essential for Sam Houston Students | Big Thought | Dallas, TX - Spoken Word Poetry club at Sam Houston High School continues to thrive with organic inspiration from DaVerse Lounge and members plugged into the movement.
  • http://www.bigthought.org/2016/10/05/fossil-channels-cardboard-challenge-to-fit-dallas-trinity-river/ Fossil Channels Cardboard Challenge To Fit Dallas Trinity River | Big Thought | Dallas, TX - Fossil Foundation's Trinity Cardboard Innovation Challenge, inspired by Caine's Arcade film, invited youth to make DIY structures livening Trinity corridor.

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