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  • Todd R. - Headliner Headache

    You get what you pay for when it comes to a t-blade trimmer. In retrospect, I would have paid an extra twenty dollars and bought a more powerful T-Blade. Although this trimmer keeps my course beard and mustache lined nice, I find myself having to turn it off mid trimming for it gets hot, really fast. I also find myself having to go over my face and neck with my razor. Another downer, the travel case is really flimsy, might as well given me a brown paper bag.

  • Greg - I bought these cuz my fingers frozen in the half ...

    I bought these cuz my fingers frozen in the half fingers glove on the 30 degree decemeber rides. These gloves keep my fingers warm and offer a lil extra protection if I run into a tree.

  • arly - 2014 review-does not work on late model iPhones and iPads

    This product boasts it can charge an iPhone and even an ipad, but does not live up to it's claims. The fully charged guide 10 was only able to charge my iphone5 by 12% and could not charge the ipad4 at all. The ipad4 says it is "incompatible".

  • Ruthann - Trying to copy vCR tapes to CD's

    I have bombed on this one. We tried to do it and I really don't know how. Then I called Dell and asked why I couldn't copy my VCR's to DVD and they said My computer wouldn't take my HD Cannon camera. Someone told me to take it to Walmart and for about $2 each they would do it. then I could use this to splice it.

  • moonlightmiles - Portrait of the Artist as a Careerist

    Carlin is a literary writer with a knack for a good turn of phrase and it's clear he's done his homework and that the music is important to him. While associated with Graceland, and that title's implied journey to a state of grace, it becomes clear that Simon himself shifts from magnanimous gifts to open kleptomania and petty careerism, sensitivity to obtuseness, and other head-scratching whipsaws that suggest something perhaps quite different from grace. A complex and ambiguous portrait of a complex and ambiguous subject whose talent and obsession produced one the finest catalouges in pop history. The judgments (and diagnoses) are up to the reader to make. (Recommend pairing with the Born At The Right Time documentary from the early 90's, if you can find a copy.)

  • rinkomango - Ripe with potential, but needs iteration

    I preordered on the Anki website, and this little guy was a joy to meet and watch and play with for the first day. Unfortunately on the second day, the (android) app stopped working. I resolved that problem by wiping the app data, but later that day he stopped picking up cubes. The next day he couldn't lift his arms at all. I received a replacement a few days later, which again worked great the first few times, but eventually the app stopped connecting. I'm not sure how I will proceed at the moment, but it seems clear that Cozmo came to market before he was ready.