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How To Control Ejaculation - Explains the causes and effects of ejaculatory dysfunction in men, how to cure premature climax, and the effects it has on a woman.

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  • Andy - Perfect for audio books!

    I was very hesitant with all the reviews but I bought this to listen to books on tape. It has never died on me and I work 6/7 hour shifts. It's fairly large but with the right ear piece stays in. They also include over the ear adapters which help keep it in. The only down fall I would say is that the plastic ear pieces break very easy.

  • Saffron - CAT WARNING!! CAT DANGER!!

    Please be careful and do research. DO NOT GIVE TO CATS! Many people report their cats becoming ill, or even dying, after being sprayed with wondercide.

  • willie yee jr. - Gave me the flaming poops.

    This stuff is garbage and does not work. I did not lose any weight, even though it gave me a serious case of mudbutt. Maybe that's how the weight loss happens? Anyway, I don't recommend this product. I purchased it directly from the manufacturer. Save your money, eat less, and stay active. That's the only way to lose weight.