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ASE Bucuresti - Academia de Studii Economice din Bucuresti - ASE Bucuresti - Academia de Studii Economice din Bucuresti este cea mai prestigioasa institutie de invatamant economic superior din Romania

  • http://www.ase.ro/index_en.asp ASE Bucharest - The Bucharest University of Economic Studies - ASE Bucharest-The Bucharest University of Economic Studies the most prestigious economic higher education institution from Romania
  • http://www.ase.ro/pr/index.asp Biroul relatii cu publicul - ASE Bucuresti - Biroul de Relatii cu Publicul reprezinta interfata dintre petitionari si structurile functionale din cadrul ASE Bucuresti

    Country:, Europe, RO

    City: 28.1356 Tulcea, Romania

  • Amazon Customer - Spot the Liars!

    It's sad that people actually lie in reviews to damage a products reputation. But it's easy to spot the lies. 1 reviewer said the buds were way bigger than expected & were like Frankenstein bolts. But a picture shown next to a dime clearly shows they're about equal in size. U can't get much smaller than that. Smh. Another reviewer claimed Amazon Prime took 2 weeks to ship. Obvious lie. Amazon prime is 2-day shipping! I could go on. Sorry. I haven't tried them myself. My point is don't let the # of stars determine your purchases on Amazon. Read the actual content. You'll be able to tell the truth from the lies. P.S. I rated them 5 stars to cancel out some of the 1 star lies.

  • Yet another Whitney - what i can tell you is that this is my second Samsung (the other lives on in another room) and they make amazing TVs. This one

    I'm not an audiofile or a telepfile or any sort of expert. I can't give you any tech talk, what i can tell you is that this is my second Samsung (the other lives on in another room) and they make amazing TVs. This one, with the worlds most SIMPLE remote, is my favorite yet. I dont know who would be unhappy. Huge fan.

  • Geeta Galaway - Not impressed

    So cheap you won't want to return it when it doesn't pass the tissue test. Glad I didn't use it for my phone. It would have ruined it. I put my keys inside of a zip lock bag inside of it and that worked. I put cash and cards in there. Good thing they don't need to be saved from water. This product isn't any better than using ziplock bags. But instead has a necklace which is handy while wearing a swim suit only. But don't count on it saving your electronics.

  • Amazon Customer - cali tarocco orange moisturizing shampoo

    I like the soap better. I found not much lather with the shampoo. I think it smells nice but not enough to recomend

  • Letitia Elcock - don't buy rabbit tv surf the internet and watch ur movie

    Delivery was fast but I tried to open the Rabbit tv on my computer the product install then say press start an it wouldn't open didn't not come with a manual just in a plastic no good product want my money back

  • Maria Pope - I love this book

    I love this book! So much information about how they did everything for this show and how they included Diana in just about all of it. Wonderful read if you love Outlander!