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  • xxxxplorer - not as good as the old version

    Amazon used to sell the MSG version in a 2-pack 36 ounce each, but no more. They should at least sell the non-MSG in the same size. I was running low on the MSG version, but Amazon doesn't sell it no more. I have a half of a plastic bottle left (about 18oz)and will use it sparingly. I thought the 2 pack would last but no. I should of bought extra while it was available. I like to sprinkle this on steaks before they go on the grill. I have tried other steak seasonings, but none has tasted better than this.

  • S. Hatch - Extremely frustrating - don't waste your money

    I used an older version of ACT extensively - so I know the functionality, features, etc. So it wasn't a matter of getting up to speed. The problem lies in the software itself. The software itself is extremely slow (note that I have a super-fast machine). Not only is it a total hog but it slows down other applications. And it crashes A LOT. Don't buy this thing unless you want to be annoyed at it day in and day out.

  • Kenneth N. Potts - Poor Purchase

    Absolute junk. Specifically the on-off button is so cheap that the unit will not shut off without removing the batteries.

  • Carolyn J. Moran - Got this as a gag for my father in law ...

    Got this as a gag for my father in law. However didn't realize that the product was intended to support her. That's why I'm only giving it two stars. The stars are for the vendor, Hilary gets none.

  • Sarah I - Thank Heaven for this product!!

    Let me start by saying, I have terrible, awful, terrible, terrible skin!!! I get dry, scaly patches, but I'm also an oil slick. I'm prone to bad acne, and at 25, I have to say, IM SICK OF IT!! I can't fix my skin, BUT Bare Escentuals has helped to improve it. Not only the texture, but the blotchy redness is gone (well, with the make-up on, of course), the acne is GONE (!!!!!) I have a very loving husband who adores me, but I've always been awfully self-conscious of my skin. After a week of using Bare Minerals, my husband actually pointed at a make-up model in a magazine, and said, "Your skin looks like hers!"