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  • Jacky Garcia - Very good just one issue

    I've had it for about 4 days with almost non-stop practice and I've dropped it a lot but the last time I dropped it the pivot screw snapped and broke looking for replacement screws other than that great build quality and cool design but I just dropped it very hard on concrete.

  • Amazon Customer - Medicated Ointment for Shingles?

    Having recently being diagnosed with Shingles on my left side of my face, my opthamologist suggested I might want to use a medicated ointment, such as polysporin, on my eyebrow and other affected areas. After trying the polysporin and still suffering the nerve pain I decided to try my Watkins Medicated Ointment. Well the first time I put it on, I felt this cooling sensation on my forehead and temple area where I had applied it. Used it 3 times the same day, with the result that my shingles did not itch. But the best overall result was that I now have no radiating pain in my scalp. Today is day 4 from use of the ointment, and still no pain.

  • Ravenrose - Does the job while allowing you to have a normal life with no surprises.

    Gotta love a product that does what is says! Cleans the butt and makes you feel better. This will purge the hot dog that you ate as a kid back in the 80's that needed an extra push to finally vacate your colon. Easy on the stomach with no surprises like other products.

  • alan - Norton 360

    Have been a Norton fan for about ten years now and will continue to follow in this path. One thing to remember is one product does not fix everything.

  • BMUR - After Inked Tattoo Aftercare -

    This was introduced to me about 4 years ago from my tattoo shop who carried it in store - it became so popular, they were unable to keep it in stock and eventually just started to direct their clients to Amazon which was the only place at the time to find. I stand by this product more than any other after care I have tried. I have 17 tats and have used this on the last 10 pieces I've had done and the difference is just simply amazing. I understand not every product is for everyone, but this lotion helps with the peeling and is non-greasy and also has a pleasant smell. A little bit goes a LONG ways as well - you just need a peanut size dollop to cover a standard sized piece. I apply 3-4 times per day and simply just love the results. I highly recommend if your having difficulty finding something you like.