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  • Savannah - Stay Away From This Software !!!

    Stay away from this software - I am an experienced True Image 2011 user (it works fine on my Windows 7 computer) so I tried this for Windows for Windows 10 - probably spent 10-15 hours trying to get this working correctly - was very unstable - tried to use the clone function - was able to clone one drive but not a second drive - uninstalled it & sent it back to Amazon. After searching on the internet, found Ease US Todo Back-Up Home 9.1 - downloaded free 30 day trial - worked great in the back-up & clone functions - bought this software - for around $20.00 (after searching for coupon codes) - it works great & unlike Acronis, you don't have to restart computer during the clone procedure !

  • Oneofthree - These guys use high pressure sales tactics that left me ...

    These guys use high pressure sales tactics that left me feeling conned and angry. I can't believe I fell for it! Also, doesn't seem to work at all. Does absolutely nothing except leave my skin feeling greasy.

  • Foxymoron - Lots of fun!

    This game is not an easy one to play. It's as realistic as a hunting game can be with awesome graphics. The game was shipped quickly as well. Reasonable price, quality product, and fast shipping makes me a happy camper.

  • ellen duncan - Was not totally aware of seller's location or age of the product

    I was under the impression that the thigh master was new. I didn't know that it was older, but had never been used. I also didn't know that I wasn't purchasing it new from Amazon.

  • manazonian - aaayyyyyy

    In comparison to my other chargers, this sucker charges quick. I needed one for work. All the chargers at my job are the micro usb kind. I've bought adapters for them in the past, but it still takes forever to charge my 5x. This C Charger fixes that problem.

  • Krystal - Dynamic characters with a well developed story line

    I really enjoyed the dynamic characters and well developed story line. Jane's character is strong without beating you over the head with it. One of the few new scifi authors that has done some fact checking before jumping into a space themed novel. I'm not one for love stories or romances, but the clashing characters made for a great dynamic between them. After all, being cooped up in confined quarters for that long, something is bound to happen. It was a few pages and tastefully written. The cliffhanger at the end really gets you going, looking forward to a possible sequel.