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  • http://www.ampersandcreative.co/about/ Behind Ampersand Creative - Ampersand Creative is a blog dedicated to helping millennial bloggers and young professionals identify and achieve a fulfilling creative lifestyle.
  • http://www.ampersandcreative.co/resources/ Top Resources for Bloggers and Creatives - Useful resources for bloggers and creatives including web hosting, domain providers, plugins, apps, planning tools, how-to guides, and books.
  • http://www.ampersandcreative.co/what-im-working-on-episode-06/ What I'm Working On Episode 06 - Ampersand Creative - Episode 06 of What I'm Working On features Monica of Pop Craft. She discusses her transition from corporate to creative self-employment.
  • http://www.ampersandcreative.co/august-2015-income-traffic-report/ August 2015 Income + Traffic Report - Ampersand Creative - Not all income + traffic reports are full of six figure incomes and a million pageviews. Track Ampersand Creative's strategies from the beginning.
  • http://www.ampersandcreative.co/june-2015-income-traffic-report/ June 2015 Income + Traffic Report - Ampersand Creative - Every blog and business goes through stages. It's all part of the process. See how I pushed through a tough month in June's income + traffic report.
  • http://www.ampersandcreative.co/how-to-organize-your-own-periscope-workshop-event/ How to Organize Your Own Periscope Workshop Event - Ampersand Creative - Access your free planning guide to organizing your own Periscope Workshop Event with six easy steps and a recap of the ultra-successful #ScopePowerHour.
  • http://www.ampersandcreative.co/periscope-rocks/ Why Periscope is the Perfect Complement to Your Blog Content and Brand (+ a special invitation!) - Ampersand Creative - Periscope is a great complement to your blog and business with the value of a webinar in a smaller, more manageable format, positioning you as the expert.
  • http://www.ampersandcreative.co/july-2015-income-traffic-report/ July 2015 Income + Traffic Report - Ampersand Creative - See what strategies I put in place to "bounce back" after a difficult month of low traffic in July's income + traffic report.
  • http://www.ampersandcreative.co/wiwo05/ What I'm Working On Episode 05 - Ampersand Creative - What I'm Working On episode 05 features Lauren Renee Designs. She shares her plan to transition to full-time photography, art, and design.

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  • Claudia L. Einertson - good

    This product is good IF the fruit is at just the correct ripeness, but if the fruit is a bit hard and not super ripe, it can have a bitter taste. It is also necessary to clean the Yonana straight away or it is difficult to clean. I probably wouldn't buy it again, but it would be good for kids or adults who need to eat more fruit, but they don't like the texture of fruits. I think I liked it better when I made it, froze it, and then ate it like a sorbet. I purchased this at Amazon and then found I could get it at Target for about 30. less. :(

  • Janet Nelson - Good mattress, has relieved my back pain. It feels hard and cool at first, give it a week to get used to it.

    I have had a king size Purple mattress for two weeks. Ordered it from Purple, I have back and hip pain and bought the Purple Mattress hoping for relief. The first night the mattress felt too hard and I had a hard time staying asleep and I felt cold but after a few days I started waking up with little to no back pain! I can't believe how much better I feel. I still have some hip ,sciatic pain ,and do feel pressure on my hip when on my side but it is so much better than with my old spring mattress.

  • Sonya - Disappointed!

    I did not loose not one inch! Been using it for a month. I had high hope for this product, I would not reccommend it to anyone. Waste of money!

  • SAHM=Everything that needs to be done, is done. - A MUST HAVE for all EO lovers....

    This lavender is excellent. It has a great scent, not watered down at all. I've used it in my diffuser in my kiddos room and was able to notice a significant improvement in their bedtime routine. Set the diffuser on a timer and they have loved it. Peaceful dreams with lavender calming=happy parents and happy children in the morning! The dropper is great...I'm able to control how much I need very easily. We use lavender on bug bites and any small scratches to help alleviate the irritation. Another favorite is to add a couple drops to some lotion and rub on sore muscles...great for growing pains or sore muscles after a workout. Highly recommend having a nice sized bottle of lavender on hand!!

  • Cherry Cheep - Good for the purpose

    This has all the requirements. for the exam but one should remember that the information is a synopsis of what should have been learnt. Used in conjunction with the required textbooks, this package is good.