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  • Bob Kapolnek - Worked like a charm.

    I contracted very large warts between my big toe and the adjacent little piggy. I'm fairly confident it happened on a cruise ship after I had abraded the skin between the toes while breaking in a new pair of leather flip flops. The largest was the size of a nickle (big toe) and the next toe had one about a quarter inch in diameter. Nasty little buggers....they swelled up and started to cause a great deal of pain.

  • Kyle Ryan - Love it since 2008!!

    I have a standard transmission, and have had this armrest in my Scion XD since 2008. I have absolutely zero problems with it getting in the way of shifting. However, the rubber molded armrest cushion has detached itself internally from the foam core and bubbles up a little bit. This is a minor annoyance, as this armrest has been super convenient and completely matches the interior texture. It's a great accessory that I couldn't do without. I also bought the factory installed overhead sunglass storage console, and together with this armrest makes me feel like I'm in a cockpit. Love it.

  • Myrrh - Too much shock and awe!

    As a kid, I remember enjoying the Guinness book of world records we had but it was nothing like the garbage they've come up with today. This book features too many images which are inappropriate for kids - most facial piercings (over 200), most body modifications (man with chiseled teeth, tattoos, piercings), tattoos over nearly 100% of a woman's body, most famous celebrities featuring Lady Gaga repeatedly, most knives thrown at another person (woman with multiple tattoos pinned to a board with knives which had been thrown all around her stuck into the board), man holding up 30 pounds of weights with hooks through his skin. Violent and scary images abound. It seems like anyone can obtain a place in the record book for any kind of oddity. I bought it for my 10 year old thinking it would be educational and cool and was very disappointed in its content. I would not recommend this if you are thinking about buying it for your children. We also have the 2014 edition and it seems to have a little less of the piercings and violent images, but still it feels like an advertisement for shock and awe television. Garbage! Parents beware.

  • eric roberts - Broke after 8 weeks

    Reasonably good waffles (only on highest setting) for 8 weeks, then heating element broke. Two weeks beyond Amazon return policy.

  • Paige - Great walking stick

    I got this product at a discounted price for my review. This is a great walking stick. Seems to be very durable....I need some help just walking around the neighborhood and this stick does the trick!!!. Easy to use and keeps me sturdy.