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ADHD Remedies - Healthy Alternative ADD Treatment - What is ADHD and what is the best cure? Here we cut through the hype and present the truth, the facts, the myths and the assumptions clearly labeled.

  • http://www.adhd-health.com/adhd-causes/101-causes-adhd.php ADHD Causes | The 101 Causes of ADHD - Here is a list of 101 causes of ADHD like behavior. Successful alternative ADHD remedies treat ADHD causes. Medication suppresses symptoms, but does not cure.
  • http://www.adhd-health.com/philosophy/dsm5-dangerous-misdiagnosis.php DSM-5 Dangerously Serious Misdiagnosis 5th Edition - DSM-5 Can Lead to Dangerously Serious Misdiagnosis and we should all be aware of its failures if our doctors misinterpret it against us.
  • http://www.adhd-health.com/adhd/medication.php Medication for ADHD - ADD Drugs - ADHD medication controls symptoms, but doesn't cure, effects lasting only a few hours. Natural medicine for ADD and ADHD restores the body's biochemical balance.
  • http://www.adhd-health.com/philosophy/ ADHD Theory and Philosophy - ADHD research is moving from the narrow vision of studying behavioural symptoms, to studying the cause of these symptoms. This article reviews theory towards a cure for ADHD.
  • http://www.adhd-health.com/adhd/adhd-dsm-iv-diagnosis.php DSM-IV ADHD Diagnosis - ADD and ADHD are diagnosed by the DSM-IV criteria. This is not a dignosis of a disorder, but are descriptions of behaviour patterns.
  • http://www.adhd-health.com/adhd-causes/ ADHD Causes - Effective ADHD treatment needs to be individualized and focused to the cause. There are over 100 causes for ADHD-like behavior. These are not all ADHD.
  • http://www.adhd-health.com/recommend/talkingtotoddlers-webinar.php Communication and Parenting Toddlers: The Key to Better Behavior and Lower Stress - This webinar teaches parents how to communicate more effectively with kids, influencing their behavior and resulting in a happier family.
  • http://www.adhd-health.com/adhd/ ADHD Solutions | Coaching | Behavioral Therapy | Medications - An ADHD solution needs to be a long-term solution. This article compares the treatment alternatives in a long-term context. Medications, behavioural therapies and coaching are reviewed.
  • http://www.adhd-health.com/adhdnaturalremedies/ ADHD Natural Remedies - ADHD drugs are not for everyone. If you or your child wants to try the natural way, there are alternatives that can help you enjoy life even with ADHD.
  • http://www.adhd-health.com/research/ ADHD Research | Dopamine Neurotransmitter Balance | Thinking Styles - ADHD research suffers from a deficit of healthy scepticism, which all controversial research needs. ADHD is individual and needs individual creative treatment.
  • http://www.adhd-health.com/anxiety/ Anxiety Disorders - Anxiety disorders are the most common mental problem in modern society. This article gives an overview of anxity and what it is.
  • http://www.adhd-health.com/depression/ ADHD Depression Treatments - ADHD is often accompanied by depression. Natural depression treatments suitable for someone with ADHD are suggested.
  • http://www.adhd-health.com/adhd/adhdhistory.php ADHD History - The 200 year old history of ADHD is not a story of medical science, but a history of attitudes, misunderstanding and treatment of convenience by academic bigots.
  • http://www.adhd-health.com/adhd/newtreatment.php ADHD Treatment Paradigm Shift - An ADHD treatment paradigm shift is taking place, away from stimulants to a more realistic and flexible model. Even Big Pharma is moving from stimulant drugs.
  • http://www.adhd-health.com/adhd/adhd-disorder.php Is ADHD a Disorder? - ADHD is a real condition, but is it a disorder? This article points out the basic errors in the current ADHD disorder debate.
  • http://www.adhd-health.com/adhd/adhd-add-2-disorders.php ADD | ADHD |Different Disorders - ADHD and ADD are highly controversial conditions. This article shows that they are different disorders.
  • http://www.adhd-health.com/adhd/adhd-diagnosis-disorder.php ADHD a Diagnosis Disorder - ADHD is a misunderstood condition. Leading experts hold widely differing opinions on the cause, the treatment and even what ADHD is. This article explains why.
  • http://www.adhd-health.com/adhd/adhd-differential-diagnosis.php ADHD Differential Diagnosis | Medical Second Opinion - With ADHD it is important, for the patient or patient’s parent, to have basic knowledge of the alternatives before seeing the doctor for a better diagnosis.
  • http://www.adhd-health.com/adhd/adhd-gene.php The ADHD Gene - ADHD is often reported in the media as a genetic disorder. There is some truth there, but this article shows these reports are dangerously oversimplified.
  • http://www.adhd-health.com/adhd/comorbidity.php ADHD | Comorbidity | Many conditions have similar symptoms as ADHD - ADHD is becoming one of the most diagnosed children’s disorders as well as being the most misdiagnosed. This article discusses one of the main reasons for this.
  • http://www.adhd-health.com/adhd/whyadhddisorder.php Why is ADHD a Disorder? - This thing called ADHD is highly complex and individual. Every one with ADD/ADHD or with a child this condition needs to find their personal solution.

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  • Medron - there is nothing else that modern medicine can do for her so we thought that we would try these and it appears that this product

    I bought this product for a friend that had suffered a heart attack and lost circulation to her legs,there is nothing else that modern medicine can do for her so we thought that we would try these and it appears that this product is helping the blood flow to the legs--any thing that helps is great,she has had numerous types of surgery and this is a new direction that appears to be helping

  • JohnWells - Great Game

    One of the best BFs out there. Im a bit disappointed with Amazon as there are several fake one star reviews that are obvously not accurate. This really is a well put together game which so far I have really enjoyed.


    I should have known my son was up to no good. My parent-o-meter was off the chart when I caught Stephen and his friend, Paul smuggling a brown paper bag in the house on Saturday but when I went to investigate what they were hiding in the brown paper bag all that was in the bag was a harmless bag of gummy bears, sugarless even. How was I to know these were demon bears from the pit of anal gushing, black acid, diarrhea hell the hell these boys were about to unleash on our little community church and the Pastor who also happens to be my husband and Stephen’s father? Paul spent the night with Stephen that night; the boys said they had something special they were working on for the church service in the morning. “What nice young men” I thought. They wanted to pass out treats to each of the members. They worked throughout the evening putting the little gummy gut busters into snack bags. I’m not sure if they slept any that night after they went to bed because my husband and I had to get on to them several times to stop giggling and go to sleep because Jim had to preach in the morning. The morning started out as any Sunday morning, chaotic and rushed, Jim didn’t have time to eat breakfast so he grabbed a bag of screaming demons the kids had prepared for the unsuspecting congregants and began eating them as we ran out of the parsonage across the yard to the church when my son yelled out, “dad, don’t eat those!, I mean, those aren’t for you, those are for the church!” “Oh come on son, you won’t miss this one bag will you?” “No dad, really, do not eat them all.” “I won’t” he said, “I’ll save some for later.” He lied. He ate them… ALL 30 of them just as soon as the boys ran off to hand out their butt-bombs-o-misery. All began as normal, the organ player played her first song, people took their seats while they munched on their gummy bowel dislodgers, we sang some hymns, the choir sang a few songs, the bulletin was read, we took prayer requests , prayed (not well enough obviously), then my husband began to preach. Pretty soon he began to tug at his tie then beads of perspiration began to pop up on his face. About that time we heard a loud pppbbbblappblat! Followed by an “oh my” from Sis Murphy, the organist. Of course the church began to snicker. It was obvious my husband wasn’t the only one suffering from discomfort. My husband tried to regain control of the service but a sudden wave of pain struck him and he doubled over. I Noticed a brown river flooding down his trousers and onto the garish blue shag carpet I’ve been begging the deacons to replace (I’ll thank the boys for that someday when they’re 30 ;-) and finally off groundation). There was another loud, wet trumpet sound from the organ player then she was off running and squealing like a stuck pig for the bathroom and trailing behind her was a brown goo. About that time, brother Ramsey, in the choir, howled in misery, grabbed his butt cheeks with both hands and squeezed them shut and duck waddled out of the choir loft and down the isle of the church while making the strangest strangling cat/grunting pig sound. Guessing by the timeline of events that took place that morning, Sis Murphy, the organist must have eaten the second bag after my husband followed by brother Ramsey, our male tenor in the choir. Mr. Scott, our portly deacon must have received his little gift-o-fun next then Kate, our church secretary probably got two bags, judging by the mess on the 3rd 4rth and 5th row of pews and along the wall and baseboards after becoming lodged beneath poor Mr. Scott when his fit of bowel gush struck like a pyroclastic blast of liquid and gaseous petrifaction. The Mckinnley twins ate more than a few little hellish jelly beasts judging by the mess covering the Mayor’s wife who had been sitting next to them. After that it’s hard to say who ate what, and when. There was a line leading from both men’s and women’s bathrooms, a trail of blood, liquefied guts and excrement from the church all the way into both bathrooms, on walls, ceiling, in the carpet, all over the people, everyone was yanking each other off of toilets (so much for brotherly love) hair pulling and slapping each other over toilet paper, some were using the planters and fancy vases as toilet receptacles. When the local paper got wind of it they just wrote it up as local church gets hit with strange virus. Local town folk think we’re doing some sort of strange purification ritual. Well, were not telling the church members OR the town folk it was the boys and these evil, gut exploding, bowel gushing, liquid butt acid sugarless Haribo Gummy bears. Because we finally got to replace the carpet in the church, I’ll give this product 5 stars. YAY! NO MORE BLUE SHAG CARPET!!!

  • Donna M,NJ - Gave me back my freedom!

    Align was suggested to me by my gastro doctor along with a oral suspension perscription. Other perscriptions did not work for me.I took both as perscribed for two days. then I realized that by just taking Align I got my confidence and freedom back from IBS. I am no longer a slave to worry about going out to eat. I know what I need to stay away from, however, it is no longer everything. I am very grateful for Align after suffering from IBS for years.

  • Kirk Burleson - Didn't Last Long

    At the 10 month mark it started taking pictures on it's own. It just starts snapping pictures with the loud shutter sound. It's very embarrassing when out in public. It was a very good phone before that except for the usual Android slow down after adding apps. I never had an iphone that slowed down; maybe I'll go back.