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  • Lisa - This is the one! Amazing, high quality, a dab will do ya, smells wonderful! I highly reccomend!

    This is the first paste/putty I've ever used and loved! It truly has memory and isn't sticky, doesn't dry hard and only takes a dab. I spike, smooth and can rework my hair all during the day. It is purple but not in your hair. It has a very nice fruity smell that my husband likes. No worries though about the smell if u don't like it, it goes away. I have very short, bleached, fine hair. All I do is dab each finger and run my hands through my hair. You do need to use a little hair spray if you don't want to mess with it any more that day. Even after napping, all you have to do is re-work it. It doesn't weigh your hair down after sleeping overnight with it in your hair. No need to wash daily! It rinses out very easily. I know this because I put way to much on my hair. I should have listened to the other reviews about It only takes a dab. I expect this tub to last forever because it's amazingly high quality.

  • Ursula - Didn't last long....

    My son was so excited when he received his V cube, but it simply didn't last long. Very quickly the stickers began peeling off. We ended up buying him a different kind to replace it. It was a waste of money.

  • Angela K. - Healed Ulcerative Colitis

    This book worked for me. I've had ulcerative colitis for 12 years. Since being diagnosed I've taken nine pills a day of asacol. I've tried various diets, including vegan and gluten free. Anytime I tried to slowly wean off the medication my symptoms came back. I followed the protocol in this book for six months (skipping the intro diet and going right to the full diet). With my doctors blessing I was able to very slowly wean off my medication. I do mean slowly! For example, alternating nine pills per day with eight for a week, following with eight pills a day for another week, etc. During this transition I did not experience any relapse of UC. One year later I am still prescription drug free. For those six months I followed the diet with 100% compliance... No cheats! I didn't stick with it after those six months and recently I've decided to do it again because I felt great on it (after the first two weeks of getting used to it. I was hungry and tired at first). I miss the energy and clear head I had while eating this way and probably gave t up to quickly to completely heal. If you decide to try it then I encourage you to read the book first and browse the internet for blogs with tons of tricks and tips to help with meal planning and for support.