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  • SoWeGA - Hated it on the first try, waited almost a year and now I'm in LOVE!!!

    I have 4a type hair with a large patch of 3b hair in the front. I bought the KCCC last summer without purchasing the KCKT due to budget issues. I was newly natural at that time and wanted to figure out how to maintain my curls after wetting my hair.

  • Cindy Kline - NOT HAPPY

    GOT IT, SENT IT BACK SAME DAY, went with the Contour HD for 30 bucks more.. best money ever spent on Contour...

  • drunken_rugger - QC on these is poor to say the least

    So I ordered two of these, one black for myself and one orange for my father. The orange one was much nicer than the black but both of them clearly have been cheaply mass produced. The coating on the retaining clips wears off very quickly BC the knives themselves appear to have been stamped out of a large sheet of metal and the edges left rough. On the black one there is even a small nick of medal on the unsharpened utility side, QC on these is poor to say the least. The inner edges of the bottle opener and oxygen tank wrench both have flakes of metal left behind that never got ground off. Also it is a shame the grips aren't made of something like g10 and better secured to the blade, the rubber they used feels like it will peel off. The design as a whole is great, though I feel the bottle opener is inappropriate considering the intended use of the knife, psa: don't mix drinking and extreme water sports. The sheath does work as advertised, and it is extremely snug on a belt. All in all I wish they had better quality control BC I have been eager to get this know ever since I first saw it years ago in the local outdoor sports shop, and I was really disappointed. I see better QC in 20$ knives on a regular basis, so when I invest in nicer knives for myself and my fam I have higher expectations.

  • petula winmill - Shifter Origins #1

    Tiger shifter Prince Kael has just witnessed the assassination of his father, and takes off after the killer. It appears to be one of the criminal panthers. In the days following the King's death Kael learns just how divided the different types of shifters that live in the city are.

  • Charity - Great Pain Reliever

    I purchased this to give it a try to see if it would help with the aches and pain I get in my legs and sometimes my back. When I first received it I gave it a try and was pleasantly suprised at how well it worked. There was not an overwhelmingly strong smell like other creams. It did not leave the burning sensation that I have had with other brands of cream that I have tried. I have recommended this to friends and family members and will be looking to get more.