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Secrets to Reduce Group Health Insurance Costs in NJ, PA, and NY City - Affordable group health insurance for small employers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York by combining Tax Savings vehicles, New Plan Designs and voluntary supplemental plans

  • http://www.1stopbenefits.com/easyquote.htm Hit the Easy Quote Button for a Fast Telephone Response to Your Insurance Needs! - Group Health Insurance can be less costly when combined with Tax Savings vehicles (HSA, FSA, HRA) and voluntary, supplemental hospital confinement, accident and sickness insurance, disability, cancer, life, and critical illness plans in NJ, PA and NY City. Small employers and large employer self insured or fully insured can profit.

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  • Rachel - HORRIBLE!

    This suck really sucks!!!...Sometimes they put something up there other then what you said and you end up getting a 0. For example they asked "name a type of omlet" I said bacon. They said I said egg white which is stupid I would of never said that so of course I got a 0. Then they will say "no" that's not the answer and it was up there! For example. The question was name a state that you'd go skiing. I said Utah and it was liek booomp with the stupid buzzer and when they revealed the answer it WAS Utah!...Also the game is slow as hell!

  • S. LaCour - Great product, ridiculously awful delivery

    Treadmill is smooth and comfortable to walk on. Features are extensive and work well and easily. HOWEVER, and this is a *big* however, the shipping and delivery services offered by Amazon are woefully inadequate. Although the treadmill arrived on time, the delivery sent one person to lift a 300 pound, awkward box. He refused to bring it into the house and left it in the garage. We eventually had to set it up in a downstairs room rather than the upstairs location we had originally planned. Any other equipment like this will come from a local store that offers delivery and in-home set-up.

  • wilmie van stijgeren - The body's vital need for stomach acid

    This book made me realize the importance of stomach acids and how a lack of it is so commons with the foods we eat today.

  • Grandma Geek - Has a Flaw

    This blender is powerful. When taking the food out, you remove the blades first, so it is MUCH easier to remove food. The locking top is nice.

  • Sean Wayne - Good System, Good Price

    I purchased the i5 model, before they installed SteamOS, (win8 version). I am a Linux power user, so I would have been fine either way. However, in utilizing this for STEAM, windows is currently a better solution, in my opinion. If you have the ability to install, I would, just to ensure the most complete gaming experience. SteamOS isnt "there" yet. As far as the box is concerned, I like it. It is a small PC with decent guts, especially for the price. And the beauty is that it is still a computer that can always be re-purposed.

  • Treat - Great package deal

    "We bought this on pre-order and it showed up the day it was released. I was so thrilled! We tried it out the very next day at my son's soccer game and it was awesome. The set up is VERY easy and user friendly. Just make sure you buy or have a SD card on hand. The charging took a few hours, but that was expected.