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  • Elizabeth Lynch - Love this product

    Love this product! I don't ever be without it! Most days I don't wear any make up with's that good!

  • Lindsay W. - The more milk plus worked for me! It increased ...

    The more milk plus worked for me! It increased my milk supply within two days. My only complaint is that it's pricey and you have to take 3 capsules a day if you're over a certain weight so you can go through a lot of these very quickly and I found it a little hard to remember to take it three times a day!

  • Adam - Great, especially in combo with these two nutrients

    I'm taking this supplement along with uridine from the same brand as well as a high quality omega 3 supplement. This was originally conceived as the "Mr Happy Stack" on a popular online forum, and it turns out it's quite effective. I recommend you try it if you're already using Alpha GPC. I have been taking these three supplements together since starting Alpha GPC from VitaMonk, so consider this when reading my review.

  • The Baroness - Great Relief!

    Great product at a great price! As someone with allergies and sinus problems, sometimes it is tough to breathe through my nose. These Breathe Right "Extra" Nasal Strips are the perfect way to open nasal passages without nasal sprays or decongestant pills! Highly Recommended!

  • Amazon Customer - Works great, but my dog can't seem to figure out ...

    Works great, but my dog can't seem to figure out she can use it herself. She just put the ball next to it and waits for me to put into the machine. more of an issue with my dog than the machine though. Also when the ball gets wet with slobber or water, it doesn't work as well.

  • venadoloco - Pressure Control tht Works

    Years ago I used a similar water pic cleaning machine that did not have a variable pressure control. It was too powerful for me and I only lasted for a few days before I gave it up. This Flosser WP-100 cures that over pressure problem with the variable control. I started at a low pressure and have gradually increased it over the last few weeks. This flosser does an excellent job.