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    I used this product( not from Amazon) but another source! Horrible!!!! It ruined my expensive Bamboo sheets. I live in Texas so it came off during the night! I found another brand and have been using it for 7 years, you will love it. You can get it HERE ON AMAZON, it's BARE MINERALS FAUX TAN!! Skin cancer runs in our family so I had to have a year round tan without damaging my skin. I'm 63 but everyone thinks I'm 49/50ish. Wish I could submit a photo. But Bare Minerals Faux Tan does NOT streak, dries quickly, doesn't stain clothes, isn't orange, and it lasts up to 2 weeks even after showers, water parks, etc. Can't say enough good about it. Your tan looks like you just came from the Tropics oh and they have one for the face. You don't have to exfoliate every time you use it but I do exfoliate twice a month. Doesn't smell bad either. I get the very large bottle and have the body brush that comes with it. If Amazon doesn't have the brush, you can get one on QVC!! Happy Tanning!

  • Dr Mike - Poor communication to potential customers causes much frustration and disappointment for everyone

    I definitely like the concept behind this device. Namely a small glucose meter that attaches to your smartphone and allows a phone app to measure, record to the cloud, and track a history of blood glucose readings over time. Unfortunately I was very disappointed to find that the app is not supported on my phone. There is no way to know this unless you go to the company website first and then search for the mobile app page and see if your specific phone model is on the list. Even then it is not entirely clear if one's phone is compatible or not.

  • Amazon Customer - Wow! Nance sets the stage for how Putin and the Russians may be trying to help Trump get elected. Reads like a novel, scary as

    Nance sets the stage for how Putin and the Russians may be trying to help Trump get elected. Reads like a novel, scary as hell. Great read, lots of indepth analysis.

  • DC gal - couldn't wash it off fast enough

    I was in their store yesterday and had the tech give me the full treatment: moisturizer, foundation primer, foundation, concealer, veil, warmth, blush and lipstick. I looked in the mirror and was positvely aghast -- where had all those lines and enormous pores come from? I never knew they were there. The color seemeed both too yellow and too dark, but the tech insisted it was the right one for me.

  • Picky Mom - Another Great Product

    I use a number of Perricone products and I have been really pleased with all of them. I purchased the cold plasma eye and face set based on product reviews that I read. The face finishing moisturizer is a great compliment to these products. First, I love the rose scented smell. It helps disguise the smell of the cold plasma products. Second, I don't know if my skin has ever looked this radiant. As other reviewers have noted, your skin takes on a wonderful dewy glow. As a further testament, I switched products without the knowledge of my husband. He made a comment about how wonderful I looked after about 3 weeks of use.

  • J. Ly - My new favorite bag

    Great bag. It's my attempt to move away from the classic backpack. Nicely fits my clipboard with papers, a textbook, and my iPad. Has little pouches for extras like my earbuds and index cards.

  • Sonia Ortiz - Adequate Virus Protection, But...

    Here's the thing. Norton works fine for what it is, a very basic $20 anti-virus solution. For most web users it's fine as long as you're not going into any of the nasty dirty areas of the interwebs. But Norton is SELFISH. I also have a Malware filter on my PC to get rid of the stuff that Norton misses -- because it does miss stuff now and then -- and Norton actually wanted me to remove my Malware protection. I don't think so. Good for basic protection, but nothing special.