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Wellness Repair - Evidence based nutrition that results in improved mood, better mental clarity and enjoyable fat loss without food cravings. Start your wellness repair!

  • http://wellnessrepair.com/homev3/the-wellness-repair-plan/ The Wellness Repair Plan - The Wellness Repair Plan helps you lose weight, improve mood, enjoy the best mental clarity of your life and fulfill your calling longer.
  • http://wellnessrepair.com/homev3/wellness-repair-food-facts/ Wellness Repair Food Facts - The benefits and cautions of whole foods to help you optimize weight loss, mood, mental clarity and energy without food cravings and feeling hungry.
  • http://wellnessrepair.com/homev3/wellness-repair-food-facts/pesticides-in-produce/ Pesticides in Produce - EWG and Consumer Reports pesticide data combined to show you where to save money on produce - Pesticides in Produce will show you!
  • http://wellnessrepair.com/homev3/wellness-repair-food-facts/fructose-in-produce/ Fructose in Produce - Fructose in Produce lists the amount of fructose in your favorite whole foods.
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  • http://wellnessrepair.com/homev3/start-here/ Your Wellness Repair Starts Here - Experience enjoyable weight loss without food cravings, a lower risk of disease, improved mood and better mental clarity. Your Wellness Repair starts here!
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  • http://wellnessrepair.com/symbol-can-wear-support-sustainable-farming-functional-medicine-food-without-chemicals/ A symbol you can wear to support sustainable farming, functional medicine and food without chemicals - A symbol you can wear that says "I support chemical-free foods and products, sustainable farming and Functional Medicine."
  • http://wellnessrepair.com/gmos-facts-about-genetically-modified-organisms/ GMOs: Facts About Genetically Modified Organisms - A story of coverup, misrepresented facts and explicit violations of U.S. law. GMOs: Facts About Genetically Modified Organisms

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  • Amazon Customer - I love this stuff

    I love this stuff. After suffering intestinal and stomach problems for about a year after taking an antibiotic, I came across several videos on youtube praising DE. I went to a local health food store and bought a small canister and started taking this a teaspoon a day and then moved to a tablespoon after a couple of weeks. I ordered this huge bag of DE and paid the same amount for it as I did for the little canister from the local store. Either way, the money, I believe was well spent. I've been taking it about three months (back down to a teaspoon a day) and have since added acidophilus to my vitamin regimen, and my intestinal and overall health has improved greatly. It is "dirt" cheap and has no side effects of which I am aware, except that like any cleansing agent, you might need to keep a restroom nearby when you initially begin to take it, but that subsides after a while. Also, be sure and always get FOOD GRADE (which this is) when you buy any DE for consumption. Take care not to breath vapors as it is a fine powder which, if inhaled, can cause problems as any foreign inhalation in your lungs can do. This is composed of micro shards which are cleansing in nature, but not good for lungs. When I transfer amounts from the bag to a smaller canister or from the canister to a glass of water, I can see little vapors curling about. Avoid breathing those.

  • Love Amazon - Great cards

    Great for making cards. I can customize them for the occasion. I even add pictures of my own to the pre done cards. It's a snap and so much cheaper in the long run than buying cards.

  • T. Jackson - Fast

    Performs as advertised. This software is impressive. You have to have an internet connection for it to access virus signatures as opposed to copying them to your computer as most AV programs do. No problem for me but something to consider depending on your application..

  • David Crosswy - this is the philosophy of business

    A fantastic series of letters providing a history of looking at how to evaluate companies/investments both at the time and after purchase. I've read through 2004 but can tell this will have tremendous influence on my investment decision making.

  • Reeves - Money well spent.

    I just got it a couple of days ago. So far so good. I had ordered it for my 2012 Chevy Equinox. Installation was a breeze. The only thing I worry about is that when screwed all the way on, it doesn't quite sit flush with the base like the factory antenna did. I worry about moisture from rain or snow getting in there and rusting/corroding. Other than that, the satellite and regular radio reception has been just fine. So far, money well spent.

  • justice - LifeSaver!!!

    I always get UTI's and yeast infections very easily. Even with outstanding hygiene I found myself at the GYNECOLOGIST quit often. She would prescribe me all types of medicines that either didn't work or only temporarily. I one day was in my local Target and came across Azo Cranberry and Azo Yeast. When I tell you I have not had yeast infection or a UTI since taking these pills I kid you not! I bought a 50 packat Target for around 8 bucks but Amazon has a better deal. You get 150 pills for 22 bucks. I now take them everyday just to prevent Yeast Infections and UTI's. The pills are nasty to me lol but they work so that's all that matters. Just make sure you drink tons of water. And the cranberry pills make me use the bathroom a lot but it's only because it's actually flushing out your system. I have to go to the bathroom quit often after taking the pill but I rather deal with going to the bathroom every hour than to have UTI's everyday.