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  • S. Carsrud - It felt almost too real having a gun pointed at my head while being verbally assaulted by a foul mouthed Briton

    The future is here. This is the VR solution that many of us have been dreaming of since the 80s. Its TRON and The Lawnmower Man come to life. Its not quite the Matrix yet but its certainly a step in that direction. The feeling of being transported to another world is amazingly successful. I felt morally challenged in a game that required me to shoot back at people. It felt almost too real having a gun pointed at my head while being verbally assaulted by a foul mouthed Briton. This is game changing technology. A first step into a realm of limitless possibilities.

  • Bob C. - If you know the original, please read this

    Okay two stars only because it's the Ian/Murray etc version. That said, man, it bugs my ears to listen to this mix. If you grew up on this, this version will really be hard to listen too.

  • John K. Ayres - It Changed

    If you like your old version, keep it. This new version (2012) is different and not better. You'll need to re-learn the program. I like version 17 better. Even better, I like Print Shop 20. If you're gonna upgrade something, at least make it better! I gave mine away!

  • tita - my husband started using it it like 3 weeks ago it seems like is working!!

    They sell this product at wal-mart for 7.95 why paying like three times more + shiping when you can get it from Wal-mart shipper just to let peopple know and don't waist too much money the shampoonis ok my husband is likes it and it has a honey smell careful when you are around bees!!

  • Kyle - Good virus protection, annoying alerts, limited applications.

    First of all, I hate the fact that I couldn't get this on a CD...all you get is a code that allows you to download it from McAfee. Second of all, it's supposed to work with XP but won't work with FireFox. It want's me to upgrade Windows Internet Explorer in order to be able to install it on my older PC. Would have given another star if it came on a CD and worked with FireFox.

  • Joe Dickson - Only worked for FOUR MONTHS! .

    Webroot explained: "You bought it from a vendor who did not tell you that, take it up with them". An internet search revealed that this is very common on Amazon/Webroot. Am going back to Norton.