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  • justin nemia - THIS OIL SAVED MY LIFE! product is wounderful but i do not trust amazon when it comes to YL oils.

    A few years back I began having EXTREAM panic attacks and anxiety that caused some real issues. I didn't want to go out or do anything because I was afraid that any time those feels would come back. I started taking all sorts of pharmaceutical meds that seemed to help a little but had MANY down sides. A friend of my mother suggested that I try YL oils for my anxiety so we ordered a few oils and gave it a shot. WOW the first time i used this oil i was blown away, Simple put this oil is amazing for calming me down and just bringing me to a place where i feel safe and comforted. There really are no words to explain how great this oil and other YL oils are. The oils may be expensive but the results are just out of this world this product helped me get my life back on tract, in a natural way and i am forever grateful for YL. I would buy direct from Young living because god knows how a person could tamper with the product.

  • Harangatang - Couldn't Get It to Work....

    I could not get Acronis to work with my Win 7, 64-bit system. It kept thinking the hard drive was full and would stop when the hard drive was not full. Support, to their credit, tried very hard to help me fix the issue, but I already committed to EMC Retrospect Professional 7.7 which works like a charm and was less than $20 as an upgrade from Retrospect Express HD which came free with an old WD drive.

  • Learning with Mark W - Great improvement over the original but...

    Rocksmith 2014 is a great upgrade to the original Rocksmith. However using the new version has caused me some good, bad and ugly! I purchased the original Rocksmith last November after purchasing a guitar. I played guitar a little bit in my teens and 20's but now that I'm in my late 30's I really wanted to learn to play versus just tinkering around. The original Rocksmith got me past the basics very quickly. I only learned and mastered a few songs but my friends and family were amazed and impressed how fast I picked things up. The original Rocksmith was great but the interface and game play was a little clunky and slow.

  • Marian Baden - I am exceedingly disappointed.

    Unfortunately, this computer died three weeks after I received it. It will not charge. I am exceedingly disappointed.


    I HAVE BEEN USING QB SINCE 1993 WHEN VERSION 1.0 CAME OUT AND BEEN USING QB PAYROLL SINCE IT'S INCEPTION. OUR BUSINESS PURCHASED QB PRO 2012 WITH ENHANCED PAYROLL WITH A ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION AND INSTALLED IT IN DECEMBER OF 2012. OUR ENHANCED PAYROLL SERVICE DOES NOT EXPIRE UNTIL THE END OF 2013. WE RECEIVED AN IN EMAIL FROM THAT STATE: "Your annual subscription for Intuit QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll will be automatically renewed on 11/22/2013 at a price of $449, plus tax where applicable. The charge will appear as "Intuit QB Payroll" on the credit card listed below. You will also receive an email renewal confirmation notice on the day your credit card is charged." OUR ENHANCED PAYROLL SERVICE WAS PREMATURELY CANCELLED/TERMINATED WHEN I TOOK MY CREDIT CARD INFO OFF THE ACCOUNT SO THAT QB PAYROLL COULD NOT CHARGE ME $449. WHEN WE HAVE ALREADY ORDERED QB PRO 2014 WITH ENHANCED PAYROLL FOR ONE YEAR FOR $279.