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  • J. Robinson - Excellent

    Maybe it's because they are one of the highest priced vitamins out there and it's all in our head, but these do seem to work better than the less expensive vitamins. We just feel better. (we think)

  • Dublin Mama - Silent but deadly

    This disposer replaced a a very loud and huge one that was many years old. My husband installed it on his own quickly and easily - he read other reviews which were helpful with the installation process. It was up and running in less than an hour. Man, this thing is quiet as a mouse....when it's running it makes the same sound as a "dead" or jammed disposer. I didn't realize it was grinding when we first flipped the switch! And grinds everything we put down there. It doesn't take up tons of space under the sink. The only con so far is the rubber lip around the drain. It's pretty stiff so I have to shove stuff down the drain with a spoon. Sometimes water has a hard time getting down the drain if some food blocks the stiff opening, so water backs up into the sink until I press the food down and get the water flowing down again. its really not that big of a deal, just something i noticed on occasion. Hoping the rubber softens over time. Other than that con, this thing is awesome! Would buy another in a heartbeat!

  • Marjorie Carlson - These three voices together make beautiful music. The third disc of extra material was ...

    These three voices together make beautiful music. The third disc of extra material was especially good. Their harmony is perfect and it's just sad to think Linda won't be singing again.

  • Old Timer - Without a 40.00 to 60.00 update its' worthless

    Without a 40.00 to 60.00 update its' worthless. You are stuck with their music which is worthless. I made a big mistake by upgrading from Basic 9.

  • Popsiclesyay - Good supplemental study guide

    Good guide. I passed my test with proficient on the first try using this book. Some of the grammar is off and there are some errors. Some of the information that popped up on my TEAS test was not covered in this book, but about 90% of it was.

  • LLdemats - I love this magazine

    I love this magazine, but my Amazon.com experience with it has been very painful. As a Kindle subscriber, I had hoped that I would be able to access all the articles, especially the ones that come in the New Yorker daily emails with featured news items. However I have not been able to access them, constantly getting the message that I have read my first ten articles free, and that I would have to subscribe to continue reading. I " chatted" with the Amazon personnel about this, and wrote to Conde Nast, who kindly set up a log in for me. But this hasn't resolved the problem. Yes, I get the digital subscription on time, but the daily articles are the ones I'd likely read first, and even with this Kindle subscription, I can't get at them. Buncha crap. Not the magazine, I mean, just the bugs that make it seem that Amazon is selling a good product without really standing by it, or providing full service. My " chat" experience with Amazon was terrible....I got handed around to three or four different people, none of them really solving the problem. It's still not solved. Caveat emptor.