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    But Mastercook has really dropped the ball and I decided to give this a try. I'm completely happy with this, especially that I can scan in recipes and it's easy to add them to my recipe collection. I don't have to type it in anymore. It has so much more functionality and it's is one of the best products out there.

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    I just bought both the 2012 and 2013 expansion packs. They are the same cards. Don't be fooled into buying both sets.


    UPDATE: figured out what was wrong and decided to keep it. Not the product's fault. There was a defective fuse in my panel.

  • tigerzz - Absolute Garbage

    Absolute Garbage. I used this product religiously every day for over 2 years n never saw improvement. Someone close to me saw how bad my neck was aging n sagging n recommended Mary Kay Timewise Repair. MARY KAY WORKS. My neck looks like I'm in my 40's n I'm in my 50's. My Aunt is 74 n uses Mary Kay Timewise Repair on her neck for 3 years. Her neck looks like she is in her 40's. Don't buy Perricone MD products. I used a lot of Perricone products for over 10 years n they really don't do what they say they do. They are Crap!

  • Madea - Beautiful cosmeceutical serum

    This is a beautiful, silky cosmeceutical serum with all the right ingredients. The botanicals smooth skin and moisturize/plump it without irritation. The hyaluronic acid and other ingredients target aging skin cells to promote cell turnover, allowing younger skin cell to come to the surface.This results in younger looking skin I am using this twice daily as it is a great nighttime product for rejuvenation and prevention at night as well as under makeup in the daytime. Non greasy, rich serum consistency. very spreadable.

  • Shalonda Collier - Juvie and Solai

    Yassss Hunni!! Loved this series. Everyone went through there trials and Tribulations, but in the end they came together. Ready to see what's next from the author. Great read!

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    My husband has used this shampoo for several years. When he has run out, we see hair on his pillow. His hairstylist is convinced that he still has a fair amount of hair because of Nioxin. The Amazon price is the best we have ever found!