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  • KD Prime Time - these are real metal and really nice!

    i just got these premium stainless solar lights and i love them. they are made of real metal which is very nice and keeps them strong. the stakes are plastic but still sturdy. they come with the rechargeable batteries and after a full day will shine for a good 6+ hours easily. they are not super bright BUT thats what i wanted. they will light a path just fine as intended and great ambient lighting. they are not overly bright like some others may be. the perfect brightness actually. they are also bigger than i thought as im used to seeing the smaller ones at the bx stores. the tops are about 4" or so around. the light is a cool white not blue but not yellow either almost a true white maybe just a touch more blue than yellow. now you add in the lifetime warranty and you have a great set for life!

  • Yaneida Gutierrez - Go on, buy it!

    Love it, does the work well, and I love that It last such a long time. The first one i bought was smaller and lasted me 3 years! So i am excited to know that this bottle is much taller and will last me longer because this a great product.

  • C. Barbier - So far so good

    I wanted another PD35 but didn't want to spend $65. This Thrunite TN12 is exactly like the Fenix. I put them side by side, same brightness, size, weight, look. It gets warmer faster than the Fenix on high mode. Time will tell if it's as durable. For $50 it's a great edc light. Also the lanyard and belt holster is better quality than the Fenix.( not that I use them ). It does come with a pocket clip.

  • Vintage Girl - Berkshire Letters

    It is easy to read. I do not have a lot of experience in stock purchases but i have ran a business and this book gives solid advice about diversification.

  • Chrissy Kim - A Must Have for Eyeshadow Wearers!

    You've probably seen my review before, but I had to share my opinion on this product to make sure. There are different sellers who sell this product and I didn't want anyone to miss my review. So here goes!

  • tleeminnieme - Incredible Journey of Survival

    Gripping, emotional, almost unbelievable. I read the kindle version and the pictures came through great, but the map on the fronts piece was too small to be readable. I went to the internet,googled and printed out a better map so I could follow Shackleton's journey (as I am totally unfamiliar with Antarctic geography).