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  • Lauren Burnhill - Happy Kids of All Ages!

    My 4 year old niece and 10 year old nephew both (surprisingly!) found lots of things they liked on Happy Kids. That made me happy too :-)

  • M. Reilly - A Model for Revolutionary Patient Treatment

    I first learned of Baxter Montgomery from watching and listening to him speak at the Advanced Study Weekend given by John McDougall in Santa Rosa, Ca in February 2014. When Dr. John McDougall gives the nod to another doctor, I listen closely. "Foodborne illnesses point to chronic disease." The author states that there is only one chronic illness: poor nutrition.

  • Leandra Attwood - I felt soooo bad as she cried for an hour and refused to ...

    I would have gave this product NO stars! I did not realize that so many reviews said that it made cats sick! I wanted to believe the all natural and "SAFE" claims. I have a hairless cat. She has only a little peach fuzz so I can literally see the fleas walking on her. They did die after I misted her, however this product visibly BURNED HER SKIN! I immediately washed it off! I felt soooo bad as she cried for an hour and refused to let anybody touch her for the rest of the day! Worst experience ever! I had also sprayed my funiture and began to feel light headed while sitting on my couch hours later. I have a REALLY hard time believing this is a safe product for my pets!!!!! Threw away the full bottle! :(

  • Amy Byrne - Great Curry

    AudioQuest Diamond is a great restaurant. I personally love their curry dishes, but my husband thinks their aloo gobi is the best. Some people think $1,500 is too much for a meal, but I say that you can't overpay for quality.

  • Tiffiney's world - Ingestion of this product can be FATAL to your Health

    If this mixture doesn't work for you or you feel sick and exhausted immediately STOP ingesting this product. There is absolutely NO WAY that anyone distributing this product can say without exception they have NO vested in interest in advertising or posting a positive spin. Bottom line, distributors/sellers profit from pushing/selling this product or they wouldn't be in business regardless of the weight loss stories/health benefits that are used to advertised. (Businesses thrive off false advertising.... Think about it! Would you even consider purchasing a product whose benefits disclose the potential related to death or acute renal shutdown?