Vector Cup Holder - Vector Cup Holder prevents spills at work, in class, at home or when traveling. Holds mug, water bottle, soda can, 30-ounce cup or a little airplane cup.

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  • I. TOWNSEND - Dream come true!

    I've been using Easy Straight for 18 months now. I have naturally curly, very coarse hair. Using Easy Straight means you HAVE to follow directions to the tee! Timing must be followed correctly to ensure good results. I just used this again last week and I didn't have any damage at all. My hair is very manageable, doesn't take 2 hours to straighten anymore. I love this product!!!!!

  • N. E. - Scratched my brand-new wood floor!!!

    I was super happy about having bought this until I noticed that it had left dozens of circular scratches all over my brand-new wood floor! Totally devastated. I'll be using a good old broom from now on...

  • Caroline - I was super excited to try this product because I have tons ...

    I was super excited to try this product because I have tons of scarring from acne and other skin irritations (I have extremely sensitive skin). Because the price tag is pretty high for such a small quantity, I had pretty high expectations for the cream.

  • Heather - Great price for food-based multivitamin for teens

    My 12-year-old daughter recently decided to try eliminating meat (beef & pork, and eventually poultry) from her diet, and as part of my agreement to support her I requested that she incorporate a multivitamin into her daily eating plan. She has celiac disease which means she is very strictly 100% gluten-free by necessity; I needed to make sure anything she would be taking fell into that category. I also wanted to find a multivitamin to support her rapidly growing body; she's been going through a pre-pubescent growth spurt these past few months and was starting to develop some mild acne on her nose and forehead even though I taught her to wash her face daily over a year ago.

  • Amber Dostert - Lies

    Using a NYX lip plumper before, I expected a great quality, real working lip plumper. Before, I bought NYX lip plumper in a gloss tube.

  • Gwendolyn Seaborn - If you live in the South, you NEED this collar for your pet!

    I had previously used the Seresto flea collar on my dog with excellent results. The cat collar is just as good. I live in the South, and since Hurricane Katrina, we have had super fleas here that have become immune to almost all other forms of flea protection. The infestations were terrible and gross. It started to happen again this year (finding fleas on me in my bed) and I knew I had to do something. I purchased the Seresto cat collar about a month ago and now there are no fleas on my cat, she has no flea dirt or eggs on her, and there are no fleas jumping on me when I come home from work.

  • Eric Wolfthal - Great Tax software

    I have been using H&R Block (Taxcut) software for over 10 years. It is the most complete software available for the non professional. It includes estate and trust returns (1041's) and also business returns. I have 100% confidence in the accuracy of all the returns I file using this software.