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  • lola - I was pleasantly surprised!

    I thought this was another bathroom gimmick and was extremely skeptical when I first saw this, but I was desperate. I have been having constipation for quite a while and thought, why not? I got the 9 inch since I am short and our toilet is higher than standard. It does help and I like it in aiding in bowel movements and I have become dependent on the SP! Somehow, it lines up the colon for better elimination. I have been recently going for pelvic floor rehab and they also recommend the SP. I may order another.

  • R. Lickman - Really works!

    I had a bacterial infection for over a year that refused to respond to antibiotics, lancing and poultices. I started talking a teaspoon a night and within a week the infection was completely GONE. No kidding. It doesn't taste so good, so plug your nose when taking it. I plug my nose, hold it closed and eat a small bit of local honey.

  • Mena - I would not recommend Freedom Pop to anyone, coz they have outrange and unnotified charges!!!!!

    I got this unit directly from freedom pop in July 2014 as a trail to replace my current Wifi service. End up I am paying $104 on the first month (within the free trial period). Regardless the device $46.00 wasn't count, the $104 was only the data service fee itself which is less than a month used.

  • Louisa - Do not waste your money

    Applied June 2013 and looked great briefly. This product did not last as promised. Could not withstand a northern New York winter. Fifty percent has peeled off. I applied it as directed and watched the videos. I've lost faith in the rust-oleum name. This product is pure crap. I give it 0 stars. If there is a class action suit forming, sign me up.