e cigarettes - Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes, are battery-operated products designed to deliver nicotine, flavor and other chemicals bewertungen von mitgliedern.

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  • Elisa Nunez - Troubles

    I thought it was gonna be a disk...I'm having a hard time to find the right web page to download the protection. The one on the paperwork is wrong. Totally disappointed and 3 weeks later I still haven't downloaded it.

  • Christine Angelini - Nice Shine, some plump

    The product goes on easily, tingles slightly and does plump up the lips ever so slightly. I like it for its shine.

  • Tanya D. Self - Insulin Resistance Diet

    Good book. Clearly writen with standard medical terms, guidelines are easy to follow and fairly straightforward. Includes a restaurant/fast food/supermarket food value list. Good results when following the plan. No severe restrictions on carbs.

  • Barbara - Smart Program, Timesaver

    I like it, but really don't love the hassle of dealing with finances. I stopped Quicken at Edition 9, and am amazed at how helpful Edition 14 is. It is really smart, learning to input most data for you. I only use it to record. I don't use it to do banking or pay bills, so can't say how it is.

  • Books&MovieLover - Chlorine Tabs

    The tabs are individually wrapped, which is a huge +++++ for me. Most buckets just have the tabs thrown in and they break as the bucket is moved/banged around. But having individually wrapped tablets, it saves the consumer from having to handle the chemical directly and somewhat keeps the tabs in tact.