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  • Dls blonde girl - Lengthening miracle

    I have been using this & murad's shampoo for fine hair both to help with growing my hair out. They r really working. Co-workers & friends keep commenting how long my hair has gotten & how great it looks. I definitely will keep using!!

  • Kulathumkal A. Abraham - Deal was very good, but initially the drum was not recognized by ...

    Deal was very good, but initially the drum was not recognized by the printer and was asking for a new one. Later on after it was accepted and now working.

  • metairiebrewer - Fun Interactive Robot!

    I received this as part of a promotion from the manufacturer. It was a little more assembly than I expected but that became part of the experience and created more of a bond with the robot. As the package indicates, it can talk (repeat what you say) and dance to music. It has several modes that allow you to program movements as well. We played together as a family with it after it was fully assembled and then my 12 yr old took it over and has been playing with it since we received it about a week ago. I am interested in how it interacts with other MicroNoids as suggested in the instruction manual.

  • Sarah Duffey - must have for me

    The only thing are little guy would sleep in for naps. We tried a traditional swing and he hated if. My only complaint is that after having it for only a month it squeaks when going up on the right side, fortunately it doesn't wake him up.

  • Declan Lynch - Nothing worse then the power going out and having a bunch ...

    The ability to mute this UPS is the biggest reason that I purchased it. Nothing worse then the power going out and having a bunch of ups's starting to beep every few seconds. I know the power is out, there is no need to beep constantly. Aside from that the UPS performs perfectly, keeps the items I have plugged in to it up and running long enough for me to run an orderly shutdown.

  • Amazon Customer - Poor Performance

    I am switching from Microsoft Money Plus Deluxe due to Microsoft dropping the program. I would advise you to keep looking! It has taken me three days/approximately 20 hours to get my MSMoney converted to Quicken. I am not an expert, but I am definitely no rooky to computers/software. I used MSMoney for 10+ years. I had to sit through multiple online chats with someone from a foreign land who didn't listen to me or respond with answers to the questions I posed. Finally, I INDIRECTLY figured out how to get MSMoney data into Quicken. The online chat was not helpful, and the help articles gave me multiple ways of completing the conversion. Quicken advertises an easy conversion from MSMoney. This could not be further from the truth. Now, I find out that I can't track my online banking with Quicken. Since my bank does not pay to participate with Quicken, I can neither manually or automatically download my transactions from the online bank site as I've done for 10+ years with MSMoney. I contacted the bank, who believed their information worked with Quicken and offers a method for downloading to Quicken. I'm told by Quicken, several times through the online chat, that I have to get the bank to sign up with them, or I won't be able to download anything to the Quicken program. Their is no way of downloading into or outside/import of Quicken unless your bank participates... I've wasted the purchase price of Quicken, I'm continuing to look for something that works. I can't tell you how the program works, since I'm not going any further with a terrible headache. I wish I could give the program a MINUS 5 Star. Keep looking and good luck!

  • Niki Lin - A must read for 2016 horoscopes!

    I have been reading Suzanne's books for over eight years. Each year is more interesting as she adds more in depth insights for her unique blend of western and eastern astrologoy. I highly recommend!