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  • Cat Claydon - Good - not great - but still the talent of the Author shines through

    I really wanted to love this book. I'm a big fan of Mark Edwards and have read all of his stand-alone novels. What Mr. Edwards does well is still very front and center in this book. I think the author always makes his main character easily accessible. I find myself always emotionally connecting with the character and feeling involved in their story. In this book, I often felt frustrated for Sophie. As a reader I felt helpless to guide her and that tells me I was able to make an emotional connection to the main character. This is something that Mr. Edwards does SO well. Unfortunately that was the only part of this novel that was as well done as in his previous work.

  • Amazon Customer - just a few comments

    I really like this game though airplane think you should care for the patients and drive them down to the hospital and a few other Knicks but overall GET THE GAME!!!!!!

  • kenamazon - Powerful application but blurry font rendering makes it unusable for some

    I'll miss this product (used and developed with since 2003), maybe I'll be able to return to it next version but the ClearType font rendering in visio 2010 has made the product unusable for me (and others apparently -- google visio fuzzy fonts). The new ribbon interface is another productivity killer.

  • Dreamfisher - Support for Mature Hair

    As with many enhancement products, this Argan Oil Treatment must be tried to determine if it works for your needs. I am in my late sixties, have thin, dry, and slightly wavy hair. In the last twenty years, as I have aged, I noticed that with the arid climate where I live, plus hard water, my hair has turned almost brittle. A friend put a few drops of this oil in my hand, and as I massaged it into my hair,I noticed an immediate softening and added sheen. And decided to order my own supply.

  • ann yeremian - supple

    tell anyone out there who is going to try this miracle drink to save there money it is a scam bought it for my husband a 7 week supply and did nothing for him no sign of any relief

  • tastygrapes - No results so far, but will keep going for a while

    I bought a 6 month supply, 3 months in so far, no results to speak of. Its possible it will take longer, and its possible there will be no results at all but its been more than the 2 months expected so I'm giving it a 3 because to be fair they didn't "promise" you any results at all.