Review: - Trileptal® suspension orale; Oxcarbazepine Oral Suspension Revision Bulletin supersedes currently official Oxcarbazepine Oral Suspension monograph. Oxcarbazepine Oral Suspension United States Pharmacopeia

  • - Injection; Ioflupane Injection. Monograph Number: 6558 Monograph Expert Committee: Chemical Medicines Monograph Status: Missing Liaison: [email protected]. Priority: Ioflupane Injection United States Pharmacopeia
  • Cetirizine Hydrochloride in - Ephédrine «Bichsel» label claim cetirizine hydrochloride 500) drine Diluent from Ephedrine Sulfate Cetirizine Hydrochloride Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride

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  • M. Cortez - Great Value For the Price!!!

    I purchased this product a few days ago on Wednesday and received it on Saturday. I had the cheapest shipping so I was quite impressed to get it so quickly.

  • Gary J. Zerella - Antenna works great, not quite as good of reception as the ...

    Antenna works great, not quite as good of reception as the original antenna in some areas, but for the most part everything comes in nice and clear.

  • Octavia - Loved it

    Awesome...had me laughing, in shock and in tears...most def a good read...loved it...thank you and keep the books coming can't wait for more

  • Brittany H. - Great prep book

    This arrived on time, and as expected in a cardboard box fit for the book. I would expect very little damage could occur to the book the way it was shipped.

  • Scrupulous - necessary product, RIDICULOUS price!

    Giving 3-star because, while the BOB stroller and adapter share fantastic quality and fitment, the price associated with this add-on is ridiculous considering. The baby product market is absurdly priced as is, but BOB makes no effort to ease one's financial burden with a ~$60 adapter, meant to house an over-priced seat, in a stroller with a tag not far beneath a mortgage payment! If I didn't love my kid so much, I'd almost be afraid to push thing financial behemoth around for fear of depreciation! (...would love to know what margins these companies are making on such items)

  • kerry fitzmaurice - Nice scent and great buy!

    This frankinscense is a great quality and has a nice fragrance. I just love the 4 oz bottle with the dropper. I have tried several brands