HIV-1 Treatment | TIVICAY® (dolutegravir) - TIVICAY (dolutegravir) is an FDA approved prescription HIV-1 medication. It is used with other HIV-1 medicines to lower viral load and increase CD4 count.

  • HIV-1 Treatment | Clinical Study | TIVICAY® (dolutegravir) - When taken in combination with other HIV-1 medications, TIVICAY may help lower your viral load and increase CD4 count. See the clinical study results.
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  • Living with HIV-1 | HIV-1 Treatment Plan | TIVICAY® (dolutegravir) - These tips will help you remember to take your HIV medicines and stay on track with your HIV-1 treatment plan.
  • HIV-1 Medication Assistance | TIVICAY® (dolutegravir) - ViiV Healthcare offers HIV-1 medication assistance if you are struggling with out-of-pocket and copay costs. Learn about the Patient Savings Card Program.
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  • Jared Hageman - Not sure if it's useful or not.

    I'm not sure what to think about this product. I will say one huge downside is that it smells awful. The smell of it when I'm working out actually makes me nauseous. It's hard to say whether it's actually working or not. It seems to make me sweat more, but I've lost 25 pounds and only 1.5 inches off of my stomach. That doesn't seem all that helpful to me. Either way, I probably won't invest in this again.

  • HoneyBea420 - This shampoo kills mites!

    Recently was petting my Bullmastiff and found traveling dandruff (mites) on the back of her neck. Absolutely horrified I did so much searching and found this product..

  • Emily Watts - Smooth Beard!

    so, initially I got this product for my boyfriend and his glorious beard, but when I read the ingredients I decided to use it on my hair, let me tell you, it has smoothed my hair out and made it glossy and shiny. It also has made my boyfriends beard and mustache smooth and glossy as well. It has strengthened our hair, I don't find my hair falling out as much and my boyfriend doesn't have as much fly-aways as he had in the past.

  • Amazon Customer - Saves $50 but may cause a mild headache...

    I was ticked at Turbo-tax (customer forever) due to the BS cost adders and scam of not allowing selected forms in lower tier versions. So I used Tax Act. It is okay if you want a basic tax entry program but the imports don't work and the hassle to get the "included" state product was disappointing. Also could only file one federal e-file without an upcharge (I wonder who they learned that trick from) so I printed off my dad's and manually sent it in (he is 90 and I do his taxes). Overall I saved probably $50-$75 and "sent a message" to Turbo-Tax that I will accept some aggravation not to get ripped off.

  • Thom - The attached net makes all the difference!

    We have had a number of trampolines... they generally last a few years then rust out... this year it was time to get a new one... we absolutely love this one. I think having the netting attached to the trampoline canvas is such a fantastic safety leap forward. On our other trampolines, if you were not watching how close to the edge you were walking, it was possible to slip and have the leg go through the springs and get pinched by the springs. Not with this one... the net is attached... no more issues with slipping off at the edge of the canvas. The instructions were a bit vague in a few spots and putting it together was a bit difficult... took it apart three times then back together for us to get it right... so read the instructions carefully... We found it is strong enough for a couple of kids and an adult to be on it (beyond the recommended weight limits, I know... grin) and it held up and gave good bounce. We got a small aluminum ladder at Lowes for much cheaper than the add on ladder purchase. We have found that we only allow our kids to have three people in the trampoline at any one time... not because of the weight... but because sometimes it gets very dynamic in a trampoline and we don't want them bouncing and banging into each other. In short... it is a great addition to the back yard for kids to get exercise!