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  • Hm72952 - Very nice walking stick

    Very nice walking stick. We like that we can make it compact to keep in the vehicle and just extend it to use it. It's so versatile that we can use it hiking in the woods, walking the creek or even walking in ice or snow. It's a little wabbly because the joints where it extends but it doesn't seem to take away from the stability. Very nice walking stick. We got this item free in exchange for writing a review

  • Elizabeth Pendleton - Wonderful, well written, easy to read study guide.

    This study guide is really well written. It is divided into easy to read sections for each part of the HESI exam. The math portion is explained in easy to follow instructions, and starts with easy math addition and subtraction to the more difficult algebra. It even gives plenty of examples in order to completely understand the problems. The science part reads really well, and is once again organized from easy to more difficult. The vocabulary section is very thorough. The English section is very comprehensive, and very simple to follow. I have struggled with English in school all my life and am finally able to grasp the concepts because of how well this book was written. The anatomy and physiology section is readily understandable.

  • musicmama - About to replace the one I lost

    I can personally attest to the Pliko P3's good quality, especially compared to the 3 strollers we bought that broke during the year before we invested in this one. I'm shopping for a second one after accidentally leaving our first one behind while traveling cross-country. I had secretly wanted to replace the original after 4 yrs, but only because it was getting a little dingy. The entire thing was in great shape! It was on it's third child, and had been used a min. of 3 times a week straight from the day I put it together to the day we lost it. It went to France and survived airline abuse when it was 3yrs. w/o any issues. It spent most of the time in our trunk or the back of our van where it was jostled about and subjected to the extreme heat of summers in the desert. The only minor issue I should mention is that the wheels squeaked.

  • Febronia - I love this thing

    I should have purchased this years ago. Such a small cost to upgrade the speed of your computer SO much. It took about 2 1/2 minutes before for everything to completely load on my old setup, now it takes 20 seconds max. That includes loading all peripherals and background programs. I love this thing, I will soon replace all my old drives with SSDs.

  • Eddie - Dries your hair out

    it just dries out my hair i don't if i should shake it harder or leave in longer but overall this dries out my hair for days, usually my hair restores its soft after a day of shampoo but this dries my hair even when i only use twice a week, but this has good vitamins though