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UHRI | Urban Health Research Initiative | Vancouver, BC - The Urban Health Research Initiative - The homepage of the Urban Health ResearchInitiative, BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, St. Paul's Hospital,Vancouver, Canada

Country:, North America, CA

City: -122.822 British Columbia, Canada

  • Cheryl DiMeo - Simple, useful design

    I gave this to my husband for Christmas. He loves it! It is simple and gets the job done. He didn't want something with too many bells and whistles. His only complaint is that the belt clip stretched out from attaching it to his work pants and now it slides out of his pocket when he is wearing jeans.

  • Bob Buddy - Gets better every year

    I've used this since it came out, and it is a solid product. This or TurboTax will take good care of you.

  • Carol H. - disappointing

    I had high hopes for this product, but after using it for 2 weeks I didn't see any difference & gave up. It's now sitting in a drawer, & I'll probably never use it again. For the amount of time it took to use each day, I was hoping to see at least some kind of change. If there was any improvement, it was too minimal for me to notice. I got discouraged & bored & chalked it up to one of my dumber purchases. Oh well. Maybe I have the wrong kind of wrinkles.

  • JTL III - Historical and good story too.

    Good story and a view of the 1850 ish era. The time and view of the new York area are brought to life. The hardship of everyday life comes alive as you read on, captivating.

  • Alyson D - Just OK. Was hoping for better.

    I like Damian McGinty. Love him in Celtic Thunder. This album is pleasant enough, but nothing special. Some of the songs felt a bit lethargic to me...I thought they needed to be a bit more up tempo. I like the song Hallelujah but it is definitely not a Christmas song. It also seemed a bit self-indulgent to have his girlfriend sing on one of the tracks. She's ok but an established performer might have given his album a bit of a boost that it needed. I'll listen to it over the holidays but it likely won't be one of my favorites. I hope his upcoming album of non-Christmas songs will be better.

  • Juan - 100% recommended for anyone looking to buy from this seller

    Buy this for a client, so far no complaints, everything is perfect and running at full capacity 100% recommended for anyone looking to buy from this seller Thank you for your good pruduct.