RBC Race for the Kids September 8 2016 - RBC Race for the Kids - RBC Race for the Kids supports the Family Navigation Project at Sunnybrook, and helps families with youth mental health issues. Choose 5k, 7k, or 15k runs.

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  • Mary Kay Redden - Please do not waste your time or money with this com.

    Could not download so they had to manually download, told me I needed to have a tech clean my comp. and that I had a lot of threats, wanted $199.99, I told them I could not afford that and didn't understand because my comp. was only 2 months old as was protected by Norton that came with comp. I kept getting pop-ups, to by stuff from so when it was close to my husband security running out on his new comp., I bought avast protection for 3 comp. $32.09. About a week or two later he tried to download avast, same thing had to get them to manually do it and they told him, he had all kind of viruses and a malware and they could not download untill he had a tech clean up his comp. at $197.99. I told them I paid for 3 comp. and 1 license and if they couldn't download them I wanted a refund. They said I would have to send ticket, I did #ID ESR 213-31054. I became afraid and bought Norton security for our computors. Finally received a reply from a Vladimir Hornicek, Cistomer Service Supervisor, telling me to try to download it again, I explained in my ticket that I had already bought and downloaded Norton with no problem that I wanted a refund. Tried to reply back to him and none of the e-mails were valid, so here someone is stuck with $32.09. Please dont let avast do you this way, we were so afraid our comp. would be messed up, Norton said we did not have any viruses or any wares.

  • Suburban Phila Family - Kills Coffee Makers

    The smell of the CLR never came out of our Zojirushi drip coffee maker after running many gallons of water through it. CLR's manufacturer (Jelmar) said that this only occurs in coffee makers with carbon water filters, only in rare cases. Meanwhile our Zojirushi doesn't have a water filter. Jelmar also said the CLR can react with certain metals/chemicals like Tephlon, and that this is a risk of use (meanwhile the label doesn't list any such precautions). Thus, I caution anyone from using CLR in any food or drink application since there is a chance of residual smell or a chemical reaction that could impact your food, and therefore you.

  • Jenna sais quoi - Spicy scent, gorgeous hair- all without sulfates & parabens!

    Reading through the reviews for this product I was struck by people who said it smelled great, but not specifically what it smells like, which is a hazard of ordering online. One woman's Strawberry Bliss is another woman's Toxic Berry Hell. "Spicy exotic" sounded good, and it is accurate. The scent reminds me of hazelnuts, incense, spice cookies, and amber. It smells like Morocco in the best possible way, without being overpowering.

  • Freddy Sextons - It might work, it might not work...

    This might have worked, or this might have not. It was p0430 code on my truck and it did pass inspection when 3 out of 4 obd2 reading cycles were completed.. 3 out of 4 reading cycles needed to pass the inspection, otherwise an automatic fail. After passing the inspection and the last remaining 4th sensor cycle completed, check engine light came back on.

  • Joey W. - get to the point please

    a little wordy and repetitive. Book could have been half the size but it had good info that I'm trying out. May update if I see results

  • Amazon Customer - Great for Sinus Rinse

    I bought this for the nasal irrigation tip although I have tried all the tips. It works quite well. The pulsating pressure is not too strong. I actually use my regular sinus rinse bottle first when I feel extreme rinsing is needed. The bottle clears things a bit better, but the pulsating on this unit really does seem to help my sinuses stay clear throughout the day.