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  • Stan Hunter - They ride really nice on my vehicle

    I have a 2013 Silverado LTZ. These tires came with the truck. I have 58,000 miles on the tires and they still have not quite hit the wear bars. Probably can stretch it another 1,000 miles but I won't. Im going to buy the same tires again. They ride really nice on my vehicle.

  • American Zombie - Sick trekking stick

    This walking stick is pretty neat. The whole things is collapsible to about 25 inches in length. The length is nearly 100% customize-able by twisting to lock the lengths to the height you want. I am 6 feet tall and I can find a comfortable height. It has different attachments for the various terrain you may encounter. It is pretty light weight which is great for packing it around and for walking. It has an ergonomic and comfortable handle. It says that it is hand-made and it is of exceptional quality. I am confident that this will probably outlast me. (Side note, it doubles as an awesome cat toy.)

  • Parrothead - Hair volume that goes undetected

    My husband has been using Toppik for years. He has naturally thin hair even though he has quite a bit of it. He uses this product to give volume to his normal hair and so that his scalp isn't as visible. Because it is a powder it goes on easily and evenly. You shouldn't use too much, as it can collect in certain areas. It cleans out of hair easily when washed. If you just want a fuller looking head of hair without the false promises of shampoos and hair transplants, this is a very natural and easy way to get it. I am very anal about hair and when I first met my husband I had no idea he used this product.

  • Leonard Washington - So much potential... Undermined by design and quality compromises. :-(

    I was infatuated with this vacuum for the first two weeks. It is very light and maneuverable, and the lift-away function seemed pretty cool.

  • Jim Yoder - hot stuff!

    used it for several hundred miles of PCT hiking summer 2014, mostly northern California, one of the little side loops broke after 3 days, the ones that to hold it on my pack - bummer... hey we improvised ... what I would like to have (included) would be a short (4-5 inch) IPhone cable, so I can recharge my device inside the zipper pouch, WITHOUT a giant regular cable. The flashlight feature is good, charging is great - from the solar to batteries, and also from batteries to device - I got, more or less, 2 IPhone changes from one day/several good hours of solar, which means a couple of us can share... way to make a friend!!

  • Hassan Clemons - This is the premade mechanical keyboard that Gotham deserves.

    Razer took the indie mechanical keyboard scene and refined their ideas, producing one hell of a keyboard. Custom Razer switches combine with a HEAVY keyboard base to bring to life a quality product that I actually miss when I have to use another keyboard. Clack clack clack... your girlfriend won't like the noise but you'll love it! The Chroma functionality is unmatched, on par with what i've seen included with the Ducky Shine series of mechanical keyboards. It brings all the favorite keyboard light animations, and even has adjustable lighting levels via the downloadable software. Razer brings home the bacon and cooks it for you too, then takes your mother out for a nice fish dinner.