Suburbia North Animal Hospital | Veterinarian - Suburbia North Animal Hospital is a well established, full service, small animal veterinary hospital providing comprehensive medical, surgical and dental care. We provide a broad spectrum of diagnostic procedures through in-house testing and the use of outside laboratories. We are also an AKC approved site for collecting, freezing and storing of canine semen. Please take a moment to contact us today, to learn more about our veterinary practice and to find out more information about how Suburbia North can serve the needs of you and your cherished pet. At Suburbia North Animal Hospital we strive to offer not only sound advice, but also optimal veterinary care, thus allowing you the enjoyment of your companion for a maximum number of years. Our job is not only to treat your pet when he or she isn't feeling well, but also to help you learn how to keep your best friend happy and healthy. We have so many clients that have been with us for 10 years or more. We want every client whether new or old to feel like they are in a warm, pet loving environment surrounded by friends.

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  • Fireside - I got this at a discount but was happy as i never thought about going into trying out ...

    I had lasik surgery 10 years ago and since then have had to have a touchup as my vision gets a little fuzzier over time. I got this at a discount but was happy as i never thought about going into trying out pills of any kind to keep me from having to have a second touchup. I've been taking 2 a day putting this at a 30 day supply. So far so good no side effects, or upset stomach, aftertaste etc. Will continue to take this for a long time.

  • William H. - I was feeling really down, with no energy, ...

    I was feeling really down, with no energy, sleepy, but ever sense i started taking it i have notice a bit more energetic, at times i can actually feel the energy just flowing true, i know that it has been a few weeks but over all im excited and cannot wait for it to really kick in thank you.

  • terra nagle - All the review state it's a great product, but i recently purchased this 3 step ...

    After researching for a product to use on my hair for a drug test I found this. All the review state it's a great product, but i recently purchased this 3 step application and unfortunately I still failed the drug test. I followed each step to a T, do not buy this product it is a waste of money.

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    Gives my lips a golden sheen and I love the tingle. I wear this every night out, and I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a sexy but not too "out there" lip color.

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    I hate spiders and have battled with them for a long time...this product is wonderful. Really does the job of getting rid of the horrible creatures. I highly suggest this product.

  • KTRJTR - The only one that works and doesn't break you out

    This is the only scar fading product I came back to after trying everything. It's gentle, effective, and worth every penny. A little goes a long way. Just fill the tip of the dropper and that's all you need for your whole face. I was stupid and tried other more "aggressive" products after I ran out of this one because I wanted to take it further and lighten everything else up too, and ended up causing breakouts that took a year to clear up. Stupid stupid stupid of me. I finally got the acne under control and am back to using this to fade the scars. What a god send this product is. After only 1 week they are fading, and no new breakouts or cystic acne. No comedones, no irritated skin. Last time I used this product it took 4 weeks to fade acne hyperpigmentation scars. Can't wait till the month is over and then I'll just going to hold on to this and use when needed, but I probably won't need it now that I know to stick to gentle products. Don't bother with anything else, this is the best.

  • Scott D. Stoner - Not Returnable. Great product.

    Great Product, however beware!!!! I have read lots of reviews and this is my second time installing this stuff. No where did I read that this is not returnable. The product itself is great and relatively easy to use. The finish is as good as you are willing to make it. Take your time taping, if it doesn't look perfect, re do it until it is. Also take your time sanding. Sand and sand and sand some more. The more sanding you do the better your finish will be. Now, for the non returnable. Per suggestions of others, "order an extra kit so you know you have enough to finish the job". I did this and only ended up opening one kit. I went online to return the 2nd unit and it told me I could not return it. I called amazon and they told me that I cannot return it because it is Hazardous material. Long story short, amazon was able to refund me 75% of the price of the second kit. I will keep it and use it on other projects.