STOP MAKING LIBERALS LOOK BAD! - 32. Female. Liberal. Agnostic. Pro-social justice, but anti-extremism. I am well aware that my race, sexual orientation, gender identity, and age offer me certain privileges, thank you very much. I...

  • STOP MAKING LIBERALS LOOK BAD! • Creative Womxn: Dean Hutton on using love to... - Creative Womxn: Dean Hutton on using love to disrupt, starting with the self What’s worse than...
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  • STOP MAKING LIBERALS LOOK BAD! • I'm now seeing "progressives" justify the... - Anonymous said: I'm now seeing "progressives" justify the vandalization of Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star because of his (albeit terrible) political views. Like holy shit I can't believe...
  • STOP MAKING LIBERALS LOOK BAD! • Oh boy! A Tumblr story! I love made up Tumblr... - Anonymous said: Oh boy! A Tumblr story! I love made up Tumblr stories! I especially love the ones where everyone claps. Good to see most of Tumblr is in touch with reality! Answer:
  • STOP MAKING LIBERALS LOOK BAD! • Just curious, how many times have Dumblr Toddlers... - Anonymous said: Just curious, how many times have Dumblr Toddlers accused you of being "right winged", "conservative", or worse, "Alt Right"? The reason I'm asking is because I see a lot of people I...

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  • Bklyn Gal - Expensive jump-start to a crash diet!

    I am always suspicious of organizations that have zombie like members with monthly subscription orders. But they promised weight loss, chocolate and snacks!!!

  • Boudin - Took awhile to work but it DOES

    I have a 2001 Acura Integra with slow leak out the front main seal, and a camshaft seal. At first ( after the suggested 5 hrs ) it did nothing to slow down or stop the leak. But after a few days, checking morning and evening for the leak, it finally stopped. I'm completely amazed that such a product exists AND works. Will be using at oil changes until it's time to fix the leak for good.

  • Ixalmida - Good for the price

    Pros: Fairly easy to install. Light and sturdy. Perfect fit on my 2014 Grand Cherokee. They look nice. Adding them hasn't impacted my gas mileage, that I can tell. Very affordable compared to similar Thule/Rhino/Yakima versions.

  • Helo - Pretty good

    I prefer older versions of Office for the interface, but Office 2010 does what it's supposed to. Some of the functions are a little hard to find.

  • Michael - Excellent Series of Books

    Excellent Series of Books. I have read and collected all of them from 1990 to 2013. I am now reading 2014. I enjoy reading stories all in one setting.

  • Michael Berding - Yay mute buttons!

    Just had an extended power outage and this unit worked exactly as I expected it to. I have a mac mini + 3 LCD displays and a few accessories. Probably would have lasted over a half hour if I really drained it down, but I shut it down after about 10 minutes. The LCD screen on the unit is very nice, and the mute button works!

  • Judy Smith - So Far Not Amazing

    Based on reviews I read, I expected to see a remarkable difference immediately. I was disappointed. I wash my face morning and night and exfoliate daily then apply the product. Four days in and nothing. Still having to use coconut oil to moisturize.