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  • maudlin - but this product is a good product for the price you're paying

    I don't usually write reviews, but this product is a good product for the price you're paying. It looks spooky and it doesn't look like it's going to work (with plastic-ish pink look), yet it works really well for my hair. I understand from other reviews you have to have a certain type of hair and I can see why. My hair is fine and thin, and I have very subtle waves so when I blow dry my hair it gets all frizzy. I also don't like the straightening irons because it very much damages the hair and that's not worth it just to get rid of the frizz. This product is VERY easy to use and takes a lot less time to put your hair in a decent shape (I just comb my hair with this for 2 min) I don't usually want perfectly straight hair, I just want less frizz so this product is perfect. But if you wanted to, you can easily straighten it perfectly within 10 mins.

  • R.A. - Good

    Good product. Did not really lose any weight on this product but it did give me energy. Most days it gave me the jitters which i didnt mind. I am big on cardio and this product did not make it feel like my heart was going to come out of my chest. Some days it made me feel nauseous in the morning but i will be buying this product again.

  • Madam Eva - Honest review for this product, this review is for my boyfriend and myself, ingredients mentioned

    This product worked beyond great for my bf. He changed his life with the help of this product, it helped him lose almost 80 lb! He still drinks the shake 1-2xs a day and he has NO stomach problems, except he mentioned that the first week your gut has to get used to it. His favorite is Chocolate peanut butter, he says chocolate tastes funny, and we both agree that vanilla is almost as good as chocopeanutbutter.