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  • Hill Country Adjunct - Sanford is consistently good.

    My favorite modern police investigator. I'm very familiar with the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. They have amazing ability to close a case. Wish they were real.

  • tito - POWER FROM THE GOD...

    Ok so I received the amp today... Instal took about ten minutes to switch power wire, ground etc.. to the zues. And let me tell you 6 years installing audio components in vehicles and I've always stuck to/ recommended name brands like kicker, jl, mtx etc.. but this amp is a steal for the price. The sound and the looks of the amp are just unbelievable. I couldnt believe my ears. My comp vrs hit the lows so hard my ears literally were itchy inside lol. Highly recomended amp if. Truly a bang for the buck. Bridged @ 1 ohm and amp has been cool to the touch even after about ten minutes of Buy This Beast!!!!

  • Nursekyla - Felt horrible

    I understand the first 10 days was a detox and a headache and body aches were to be expected, but this had nothing but a negative effect on me. I bought it based on great reviews and results from friends. Unfortunately, It was just not for me.