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  • julia - ... and have not seen any results in it totally disappointed would not buy again

    i have finish this bottle in my hair and have not seen any results in it totally disappointed would not buy again.

  • A. Luna - Super fun game

    Super fun game! Better than the first one with more aliens and the classes are similar but have new features. There is also more environmental damage too now such as falling debris from explosions. The faceless are a cool concept. I also like the create a character, which lets me create a lot of unique characters. Playing this I felt like it was Terminator Salvation meets XCOM meets Homefront (minus the angry Koreans).

  • Amazon Customer - Absolutely love this! Highly recommended!

    Couldn't be happier with this product. I have to tell you, I was shocked to see how well this item was made. It's durable, well put together, looks awesome, and is completely functional down to a T. I went outside to install it, and like everything else I figured i would come across some sort of problems, or at least one. My girlfriend held my phone for me and shined the light on my hitch for me (it was night time), I kneeled down, and within the 20 seconds the hitch was perfectly installed and ready to go. It is very rare that a product is exactly what it says, and this is one of them. I highly recommend his product to anyone and everyone. Just make sure you check the spect before purchasing, because all of the details in the description are spot on, so you will have no issues. If I could give more than 5 stars I would. Great product. I can't wait to use this and show off how cool it is to my friends.

  • iheartprime - Pleasantly Surprised

    I am a super skeptic and have tried it all when it comes to weight loss - every name brand eating program, gimmicky pills, HCG, everything. I no longer try things believing they will work, I have more of the "hey, as long as the ingredients are not toxic or unhealthy, and it doesn't require some crazy restrictive diet, why not give it a shot." Which is pretty much how I approached these drops when I was given the opportunity to test them in exchange for an honest review.

  • liz schatz - Perfect! Perfect size

    Perfect! Perfect size, perfect space...just what I was looking for. If you're hyper organized and need lots of room this is not the book for you. But if you just want something simple but smart to keep track of your life, or work, etc...go for it, get this...I love it.

  • Amazon Customer - Looked for weeks this one is great.

    Works great, Great price and easy to set up. Pool is cleaner then it has been in years and the water floe is strong.

  • brandi kelley - Review for overweight people.

    I wanted to give this review for the heavy people that want to know about T25 for them. I couldn't hardly find any reviews before I bought this. I am a 40 year old women that weighs 250. I received the T25 last week. I did the cardio and then the next day I did speed 1.0. I couldn't hardly move the next day. I hurt. I got busy so I didn't get back to the workouts until Mon. I did the workouts the way they said to this week. I hurt but not like the first week. I have to say I LOVE THESE VIDEOS. I didn't do very much of the AB workout because I am so out of shape that it hurts me to bad. Some videos I use the modifier more than other videos but I would definitely recommend this to anyone. I was really worried about spending this much money not knowing if I can do it or not. I can't do as much as they do on the video but I just keep working at it and don't give up. I stop for a second if I need to, but I don't give up for the 25 mins. I love it, I can't say that enough. I fee wonderful when I finish (after I get my breath back anyway). I have already lost 5 lbs this week. So if you are heavy and want something to push you, this will work and you can do it. But you have to really want to do this. If you don't really want it you won't like it because it is a lot of work and sweat and hurting. I LOVE IT though and and so excited that I bought it.