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springingtheblues.com - Springing the BluesSpringing the Blues - View springingtheblues.com - The Belk?Springing the Blues Festival is one of the most highly anticipated music events in Florida. Held in Jax Beach, the fest attracts over 150,000 fans.

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  • Srini G - I love this. I love the orange flavor

    I love this. I love the orange flavor. It's there, but not very assertive. and it's not very sweet either.

  • Amazon Customer - Performs advertised - but mind the expiry date

    This is a really cool substance I have used for a number of repairs and hacks. From repairing damaged microphones and antennas on our Fire Company radios (we beat the crap out of them on the job)to patching an errant hole in a water barrel and even creating new bushings for a fan motor!

  • Brent - Stability & Performance Right out of the Box, 100% uptime

    I have a mid-sized home network (20-30 devices), and my setup has traditionally been a challenge for most routers. I use most of the advanced features, and tend to run multiple VPNs while others are playing games and streaming video.

  • Mary L. Wise - Magazine

    Bought it as a gift for the daughter who is an early child hood (pre school) teacher. Lots of valuable stuff in here.

  • Deborah J. - Worth considering.

    It's a bit repetitive- which might appear that way b/c I am on a kindle version. But does provide better guidelines than many of the websites I had found. The whole concept is very interesting. Have tired it for 3 weeks now. It's easy to do & my teeth feel great. Not sure that I have seen much other differences. But I do think my skin is not quite as dry & we are having some very cold weather right now.