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  • Spatial Sciences Institute About Us | USC Dornsife - The power of spatial thinking – the ability to understand the connections between place and space – is what the USC Spatial Sciences Institute is all about.
  • Administration | USC Spatial Sciences Institute - The USC Spatial Sciences Institute administration includes leadership, the research and innovation team, staff and work study students.
  • Facilities | USC Spatial Sciences Institute - The Spatial Sciences Institute includes faculty and staff office space, conference rooms, student work space, and a classroom laboratory.
  • Esri Development Center | USC Dornsife - USC SSI is a designated Esri Development Center (EDC), one of a small number of university entities which Esri recognizes as having exemplary programs.
  • NGA-USGS Center and GeoDesign | USC Dornsife  - Read about the NGA-USGS Center for Academic Excellence and SSI at USC Dornsife, working together. Contact us at 213-740-5910 for information.  
  • UNIGIS | USC Dornsife - The Spatial Science Institute at USC Dornsife is the only North American member of the UNIGIS International Association. Contact SSI for more information.
  • URISA | USC Dornsife - The URISA is a historical organization that is the primary professional development organization for GIS professionals and IT professionals that graduate.
  • US Geospatial Intelligence Foundation | USC Spatial Sciences Institute - The Spatial Sciences Institute is a member of the U.S. Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF), the only organization of its kind.
  • Remote Sensing News and More | USC Dornsife - Read about Remote Sensing News and more from the USC Dornsife Spatial Science Institute. For more information, call 213-740-5910.
  • News | USC Dornsife - Read the latest news about USC Dornsife Spatial Sciences Institute. Call (213) 740-5910 for more information regarding any events that are not present.
  • SSI in the News | USC Dornsife - Read about the SSI in the News and keep up with what is going on at USC Dornsife.
  • SSI Events | USC Dornsife - All the information you need about current events at USC Dornsife. Call (213) 740-6532 for more information about ESRI Spatial Science Mixer.
  • Brown Bag Series | USC Dornsife - Please attend the new Brown Bag Series at the Spatial Science Institute at USC Dornsife. We will have various speakers for this special series.
  • Media Gallery | USC Dornsife - Enjoy our media gallery of the Spatial Science Institute here at USC Dornsife.
  • Job Opportunities | USC Dornsife - Seeking Job Opportunities at USC Dornsife? Here's all you need to apply for all positions. Call (213) 740-5910 for more information.
  • Undergraduate Geodesign & Spatial Sciences | USC Dornsife - USC Undergraduate Geodesign students work with renowned interdisciplinary faculty as they apply geospatial technologies to address global challenges.
  • B.S. in GeoDesign | USC Spatial Sciences Institute - GeoDesign brings together spatial science, architecture, landscape architecture, and urban planning; integrating analyses of place, space, and time.
  • Problems Without Passports | USC Dornsife - Interested in conducting foreign study? Problems Without Passports is a course that combines problem solving techniques in a foreign country.
  • Spatial Studies Minor | USC Dornsife - Read about the Spatial Studies Minor: requirements, course information and more.
  • Human Security and Geospatial Intelligence Minor | USC Dornsife - Starting in Fall 2016, the Spatial Sciences Institute will be offering the Human Security and Geospatial Minor for all SSI students. Call 1-213-740-5910.
  • GeoDesign Research & Field Work - USC SSI - GeoDesign majors have investigated and presented their research on issues such as spatial inequities in access to water throughout Greater LA.
  • GeoDesign Internships | USC Dornsife - Any GeoDesign and other academic Internship Information can be found on this site page. For more information call 1-213-740-5910.
  • GeoDesign Community | USC Spatial Sciences Institute - Each year the USC Dornsife Spatial Sciences Institute faculty and students participate in a wide variety of Geodesign community events.
  • What is Geoscavenge? | USC Dornsife - Our Students Geoscavenge on campus! What about yours? Read about USC Dornsife SSI Students and their amazing ways of having fun with GIS technology.
  • GeoDesign Events | USC Dornsife - Read about past GeoDesign Events here at USC Dornsife, Spatial Science Institute.
  • Graduate Geographic Information Science | USC Dornsife - The online USC Geographic Information Science and Technology (GIST) graduate certificate program develops problem solvers who can address global challenges.
  • GIS Certificate & Degree Programs Online | USC - Earn your GIS masters degree with USC's online GIS program. Expert faculty, cutting-edge resources, and a hands-on field excursion await.
  • GIST Master's Thesis | USC Dornsife - Read about the value of the GIST Master Thesis from USC Dornsife. For more information call (213) 740-5910.
  • GIST Graduate Programs Objectives | USC Dornsife - Read GIST Graduate Programs Learning Objectives at Spatial Science Institute, USC Dornsife.

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