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  • Love2U - Arrived Defective

    I have no idea how this item works as ours was received in a defective state. The threads were stripped upon arrival. Looks like it had been a prior return.

  • Allison - The best recipe software organizer - snd there is an iPad solution!

    I have had both the 2011 and 2013 versions of this software and there isn't much difference between them. They are fantastic. You can copy/paste your recipe into the Capture tab to avoid having to type it out. It's one of my most-used items on my computer and it's so easy to use.

  • Amazon Customer - Don't purchase on Amazon, go elsewhere.

    I'm not sure if I received 2 defective packs because there is NO adhesion whatsoever on them. I took off the liner on each strip & tested it with my fingers & it had no stickiness like tape should have. I got 2 replacement packs & they wont stick on the the wall at all. 4 defective packs, what a coincidence! I've purchased these locally many times & 1 strip could easy hold up an 8x10 picture frame. By the way, I have smooth, flat paint on my walls & never had problem with strips not adhering as they should before my Amazon purchase. I wouldn't recommend purchasing them here. They must be selling extremely old product.

  • Jeremy Truitt - Absolutely PHENOMENAL for the price. BEST VALUE ON AMAZON

    I bought this for our bounce house rental company. We sometimes to rentals in city parks where there is no power so we need something powerful to power our bounce houses and sometimes more. I went to Menard's, Lowe's, Home Depot and Tractor Supply Company and the absolute best value I could get for a 4,000 watt generator was $ tax.

  • Penelope S. Wardlow - Annoying software.

    Have just loaded the 2013 AV software and I must say I am disappointed. AVG over the years has become more and more controlling and very difficult to contact. They have these enormous lists of suggested problems and you are expected to find which one is germane and follow the cure they suggest. Why should I spend half my time doing that if they are truly supportive of their product. Answer, they are not! And they should stop pushing Twitter and Facebook. I have zero interest in either of those. Worst problem?? The taking over of my computer by installing their own web access and deleting all the home pages I had set up. And then I have to go through all the efforts to reinstall what was my set-up and delete theirs. I certainly would not recommend this software. This is going to be my last year with AVG. And they need to support one's setting of controls and to not issue threats of not being covered if, for example, one decides to set downloads of updates at a different schedule than the software selects.

  • Stephen Condra - Fast does not equal "quick charge." Be forewarned.

    I had very high hopes for this. I was let down. It charges much slower than its description says. I have multiple quick charge devices, and nothing quick charges. I think maybe I was confused by the slick marketing and "fast" charging is not the same as quick charging. Oh well. I'll not buy another one of these and I won't recommend them in the future.

  • Craig Hedges - Set it, Forget it!

    I have put on a lot of screen protectors in my time. And I was so excited when I purchased my iPhone. The reason I was so adamant about this screen protector purchased, however, was because I dropped my iPad Air and shattered the screen. So you can imagine how important it was for me to protect my screen this time. I was so glad to find this screen protector. The InJune screen protector is no disappointment.