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  • Todd - I have had the most trouble finding a product that ...

    I have had the most trouble finding a product that has actually helped me. I've tried whitening strips and plenty of others to no avail. The Aura Glow is by far the most bang for my buck after only 3 uses it has shown impressive whitening. In my humble opinion it will brighten your smile and boost your confidence before you know it.

  • RockingMom - Breaking Bad fan

    I really don't have to say anything if your a Breaking Bad fan. Great show and prefect song for the finale!

  • qwest_live - I Really love these gloves

    I Really love these gloves. They fit well and have good grip on the handle when I'm riding bike. I ride long miles also. They feel comfortable all the way though. A*******.

  • J. Mad - No Back-Up CD

    Going Green is a great thing, but there are places that isn't, and this is one of those places. After installation, two days later McAfee went bonkers on one of my computers, so I called tech support. I was on the phone with him for 3 hours and he couldn't fix it, and one of the higher up techs were supposed to call me back in a few hours to fix it, needless to say I never got a call back. I will be using another protection suite from now on.

  • Robin P. - Good chair, hard to clean

    We have a really bulky dinning room table, so it was difficult to find a hook on chair that would work. This one does the job beautifully. My twins are able to safely join us at the table in these chairs. Unfortunately the design makes clean up a pain. The whole chair is fabric, so food gets imbedded in all areas. My twins especially love turning their head to the side and leaning down to mouth the sides and back of the chair, while their mouths are full of course, gross! In order to clean the fabric portion you have to take the chair off the table and then pull the metal pieces off and out. I threw it in the washing machine on delicate (I think it said to hand wash, but who has time for that?) and then air dry, so it wasn't ready for the next meal. Putting the metal pieces back in all along the top edge was not easy, but it's do-able. It does fold up pretty small and has it's own little carry bag attached underneath, so you could potentially take it to restaurants or the houses of friends and family, though I think the booster seat we got is a bit easier for that sort of thing.

  • Wendy - This didn't work well at first (although better than other formulas)

    Our son has MSPI. This didn't work well at first (although better than other formulas). We had to start using elecare. He no longer needs elecare and we have him on this formula and it's great for him. At 6 months we're going to transition him to a gentle milk based formula.

  • Michael - Sorry folks, the inside cover is not even a little tempting.

    Sorry, but his hype on maintaining a youthful skin was sooooo full of bs and hyperbole.... and now I see that he has a product line of things to sell. Sorry folks, but being healthy is not about supplements nor is it primarily about prescription drugs. It is about taking good care of yourself, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Eat well, work well, maintain good relationships, get an education, read books by thoughtful people, have healthy hobbies, stay physically and socially active. I have read a lot of things on nutritional supplementation over the years, and as a veterinarian who is also a physician, I have no hidden agendas, nor am I trying to sell books based on promoting fear and profiteering from fear.