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  • Jeremy A. Mcentire - Spore's depth is exclusively graphical.

    Yes. The DRM sucks. I pre-ordered this game and have vowed to NEVER AGAIN PRE-ORDER. If I had had the benefit of the reviews from Amazon prior to purchasing this game, I'd have waited. The worst thing about it is that the DRM protects the most mindlessly simple game imaginable. The only depth to the game is the number of different creatures you can create. For that, just get the creature creator or a set of crayons. Really. Every other aspect of the game is simplistic to the point of being almost deterministic. If you die you lose nothing; if you have even the slightest ability to think critically, you can maximize your creature's abilities. Creature abilities are in no way affected by your creature's design. You get no points for creativity in design. This persists until after the tribal phase; in the civilization phase, things don't get much more complex. Honestly, this is where the game at least got passingly interesting -- but, it doesn't hold a candle to Civilization. Imagine playing a game of Risk with a toddler... that's about how engaging the civilization phase is. And the space phase? Pretty much just annoying. The more you expand, the more other "races" want from you. Soon, you'll be annoyed that you have to handle the minutia of a city's buildings on every planet you control WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY, SINGLE-HANDEDLY fighting off any invasion of any of your planets. Not to mention having to run stupid errands for other races to keep them happy, or engage in a war all alone. At least, it's not hard to fly-by, drop a bomb, and circle the planet. This method lets you destroy a city without risking much damage at all to your ship. Pretty mindless.

  • sncnz - Comfortable and sharp

    I got these for my 87 year old grandmother who refuses to give up on taking care of her lawn and garden. This set of garden shears seems to be perfect for her. Because of her age, she needs a shear that is not only comfortable but sharp as well. That is exactly what these are for her. The springs are great, they bounce back everytime. For the simple lawn and garden tasks that she wants to do, this shear set is working just fine.

  • Jason Y. - Great product, when you follow the instructions

    Thought the application was easy. The biggest thing was the product needed to be properly prepared(I think the instructions say to shake for at least 5 - 10 minutes) or else it would not achieve the desired results or apply properly. Not only does it work great after it is applied, but it is a great workout on the arms with the shaking.

  • Andrea - This smells like rose petals

    This smells like rose petals, as advertised. Not overpowering. Great as a face toner or for irritated skin. Found it helpful to soothe skin after waxing.

  • Live Green Mom - This is a very powerful kitchen tool!

    I actually own the Ninja that is one step below this and it is awesome. I had to comment on this one because I helped buy this for my mom. This is one powerful bad a** piece of machinery to own. She makes smoothies and juices in it (like I do in mine) effortlessly. I even made chocolate chip cookie dough with the paddle attachment, totally skeptical that it was up for the job. Nope, it mixes dough as well.

  • Amazon Customer - Amazing results

    I'm over 50 and have been working out just about all of my life. I've used two cycles of m-stak and am amazed of the amount of lean muscle I've put on. My weight hasn't gone up but I'm much fuller and leaner. Also this stuff makes you eat a lot.

  • Laino 1241 - Controls Breakouts!

    In my late 30's now, I was looking for something more anti-aging than my regular moisturizer. So I decided to give a retinol cream a try. This seemed the right choice to try- not too cheap, not too $$. While I don't have serious wrinkles or bad habits that would affect my skin, I did have breakouts on a regular basis. Since starting to wear Roc, my breakouts have completely ceased! I love this cream for that reason alone! But after using this cream for nearly 1 year now, I wish it would have helped my acne scars and deepest wrinkles fade.